The Online Fisherman
  • The Evolution of the 21st Century Marina

    This isn’t your father’s marina anymore.

  • Positioning a Kayak to Fight The Big Fish

    How to safely land that fish while keeping yourself in the kayak.

  • 2016 Miami International Boat Show

    Discount Tickets Here
  • The Creative Angler

    What Side of Your Brain Works with Rod in Hand?

  • From Fishing Boat to Kayak

    Gain some insight into the difference between fishing a kayak and fishing a more traditional center console fishing craft.

  • Beach Snook for the Whole Family

    Sun, surf, beach, and Snook–what could be better?

  • Subtropical Therapy

    The best part of fishing are the memories.

  • Fishing for Monsters in Central America

    Central America offers ample opportunities for landing monster fish.

  • Your Oldest Reel

    When maintenance becomes an obsession.

  • How to Cook Fish

    How do I cook the fish that I catch?!

  • Storing Fish for Consumption

    Proper handling and storage are the keys to keeping your fish as fresh as possible.

  • Best Trick for Catching Sheepshead

    Learning to bury the bait.

  • Fishing with Kids on the Ice

    Fishing with the kids on the ice in Madison.

  • Dock Fishing - Part IV

    Shooting Docks – The Art of Dock Shooting


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