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  • Captain Tom Van Horn's May Forecast - East Central Florida

    As the breezes of April give way to the summer doldrums, warmer and calmer ocean waters set the stage for some of the best near-shore fishing experienced all year... Read Full Forecast

  • Captain Rick Grassett's May Forecast - Southwest Florida

    Tarpon fishing will take off during May as migratory fish arrive along our beaches. Fly anglers should do well with a variety of baitfish or crab fly patterns... Read the Full Forecast

  • Best Lures for Tarpon Fishing in Charlotte Harbor

    You really can't talk about Charlotte Harbor and/or Boca Grande without talking about tarpon.

  • 2016 Gulf Recreational Red Snapper Season

    The 2016 recreational red snapper season in Gulf of Mexico state waters opens Saturdays and Sundays in May starting May 7.

  • How to Catch Kingfish: Part I - Trolley Rig

    This article is the first of a three-part series, about three different rigs used to catch kingfish from shore; from North Carolina to Florida.

  • The Online Hook-Up

    There will always be individuals who miss the good old days, but those days are long past and fishing continues to advance and evolve, due in part to the online hook-up.

  • Best Photos of the Week!

    Check out the Top Photos submitted last week. Send your photos in!

  • Get Out and Scout

    Scouting new places to fish can be a rewarding experience in itself.

  • Three Best Lures to Have on a Deserted Island

    You Need Lures that Go Where the Fish Swim.

  • Where and How Can I Catch Pass Crabs for Bait?

    A great bait for catching tarpon! Learn the where and how to catch pass crabs from Captain David Rieumont.

  • Top 10 Tips for Catching Tarpon

    The lucky anglers amongst us have a great opportunity to catch these leaping beauties several times a year. Find out the wheres and hows of tarpon fishing.

  • Gulf Reef Fish Survey

    If you fish for snapper, grouper & other reef fish in Florida, you owe the state your two cents.

  • Missing Florida teens' boat, iPhone found off Bermuda coast

    The parents of one of two teenagers lost at sea last summer says their boat and an iPhone has been found.

  • A Healing Voyage

    The 10th Annual Grand Slam Charity Fishing Tournament honors our wounded warriors.

  • Our Addiction

    Addiction may seem like a strong term; however, in many cases it doesn't even begin to describe our behavior.

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