• Photos of the Week!

    This Week's Photos of the Week!

  • Seasonal Shifts to Catch More Fish

    Winter is coming, the fishing is changing, and so should you! To be successful, you must change with the fish.

  • Top Plastics for Fall - Salt and Fresh

    This is prime-time to catch more fish on plastic baits, but this only works if you have the right plastic baits. But why does fall become so great for fishing in Florida?

  • Bucktail Jigging for Pompano is a Blast

    As the seasons change, so goes the fishing, and the ever-popular Pompano will soon be in target range. Here, we'll tell you about one of the best methods for catching them -- using Bucktail Jigs.

  • The Amazing Fantastical Bait Cannon

    When I say cannon, I mean cannon. It was both ugly and beautiful at the same time. Ugly in that the purple PVC glue was showing and beautiful because it performed to perfection.

  • Catching Cobia 101

    Cobia are a prized catch for many coastal anglers wanting a great fight and an even greater dinner. This article is a general 101 on everything you need to know about catching cobia.

  • How a Drag System Works

    You can't see your drag system. You can only feel it. This article will attempt to let you see beneath the engine to understand how drag systems function.

  • Record Shoal Bass Caught in Chipola River

    Stewart Mayeaux, 41, of Marianna, enjoyed the thrill of seeing a 4-pound, 14-ounce shoal bass hit his lure on Sept. 19 and knowing he had a possible state record.

  • The Howard Frankland Bridge

    This Trip Plan for the Howard Frankland Bridge applies to all the bridges in the bay area, with some specific tips included.

  • The Amazing Fish Cake!

  • Catching Redfish in the Fall

    The fall season is perhaps the most common season for chasing redfish, especially the big ones, often called “Bulls.”

  • How to Catch Kingfish - Trolling

    Trolling for kingfish is arguably the most dangerous thing we do fishing. There are lots of hooks flying around, the fish have big teeth they're quite willing to use, and the action is intense.

  • Stolen Boat Recovered - Suspect Arrested

    A multi-agency effort to recover a stolen boat resulted in the arrest of a New York man offshore of the Lower Keys Thursday.

  • FWC Weekly Report

    FWC Weekly Report for September 4, 2015 thru September 11, 2015. This report represents some events the FWC handled over the past week.


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Winner: Photo of the Week!
Photos of the Week
Winner: Photo of the Week!
Winner: Photo of the Week!
Photos of the Week
The Amazing Fish Cake!
Winner: Photo of the Week!
Photos of the Week
Winner: Photo of the Week!
Photos of the Week
Winner: Photo of the Week!
Photos of the Week
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