• Using Lipped Lures

    Changing speeds, diving deeper, snapping, allowing the lure to sink or float, and other variables come into play with lipped plugs.

  • Natural Baits for Mangrove Snapper

    Natural baits are by far the most effective method of catching this shy, but otherwise thieving fish.

  • The Humps of the Florida Keys

    There are a series of humps located on the edge of the continental shelf off of the Florida Keys. Included are coordinates to four productive seamounts.

  • This Week's Giveaway!

    This Week's Giveaway is The Fishing Tree Fishing Pliers! - Enter to Win.

  • Photo of the Week Winner!

    This Week's Photo of the Week - Double Redfish Submitted by Todd West.

  • Catching Snook in the Summer

    Of the four seasons that you can catch snook in Florida, catching snook in the summertime is the toughest and most challenging.

  • Flare Hawk Fishing for Snook

    A popular method for catching Big Snook is the use of flare hawks.

  • Ten Fly Patterns for Bass Fishing

    If your goal is to catch bass while experiencing fly fishing, you should be ready to get started with these 10 flies.

  • Catching Sharks in the Summer

    Summertime shark fishing is very widespread. The waters are warm, the sharks are active, and the waters are clear.

  • Can You Recommend a Bait Scent to Help Catch Sharks?

    Pro Cure Scents has the best scent additives on the market today.

  • Fishing Photos: Daily Fresh Catch

    Check out the latest user submitted fishing photos.

  • Catching Sharks 101

    We're in the Sport Fishing Capital of the World, and it's easy to forget that one of the world's most primary marine predators is in abundance in our waters.

  • Recipes - Speckled Trout with Bacon Wrap


  • What is the Best Tide Stage to Catch Speckled Trout?

    The tide plays an important role when you're trout fishing. Find the tides that are the strongest on the day that you are going to fish...


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Winner: Photo of the Week!
Photos of the Week
Winner: Photo of the Week!
Photos of the Week
Daily Fresh Catch
Winner: Photo of the Week!
Photos of the Week
Daily Fresh Catch
Winner: Photo of the Week!
Photos of the Week
Daily Fresh Catch
Daily Fresh Catch
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