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  • Saltwater Spinning Reel Cleaning

    Your reels are probably the most expensive part of your setup. Regular maintenance can give you years of trouble-free fishing.

  • How to Catch Snook - Tips & Tricks

    Snook season opens September 1st! View tips for helping you land more snook...

  • Weekly Red Tide Report

    Karenia brevis, the Florida red tide organism, was observed in background concentrations in one sample collected from Pinellas County and in one sample collected from Manatee County.... Read the...

  • Best Photos of the Week!

    Check out the Top Photos submitted last week. Send your photos in!

  • FWC Weekly Arrest Report

    FWC Weekly Report for August 05 through August 11, 2016. This report represents some events the FWC handled over the past week.

  • Lucky 13

    It takes more than the right gear to land a marlin on fly.

  • How to Choose a Fishing Rod

    Fishing rods will vary in length, taper, action (also known as flexibility) and power... Get the insight on how to best choose a fishing rod before making your next purchase.

  • August Largemouth

    While I always prefer to start my day looking for active Bass, I have found the best technique to catch Trophy Bass in the summer is with a plastic worm in deep water...

  • Tag Team

    The future of tagging research is looking bright and it may even evolve into a new kind of fishing.

  • Methods for Catching Grouper Inshore

    Learn about the two ways to catch grouper inshore and get a refresher on topography.

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