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fishing-photo-of-the-week-winners 1

Jon Shein

Kayak Fishing, America's Leading Book on Kayak Fishing

Jon Shein is an avid, lifelong fisherman who started fishing in 1960. At the end of the 90s he got his first kayak so he could access fish beyond the breakers. He began sharing his new found love on message boards and started moderating too. He was disappointed how kayak shops and the industry were ignoring the sport and it’s potential. So he went about changing this perception by selling kayaks and gear to fishermen in 2000.

From Snook to Tuna, Bull Shark to Bluefish and Stripers, Author Jon Shein and his parter have established kayak fishing as a legitimate category of an age-old sport. Jon brings a unique combination of fishing and writing and publishing and travel and other skills to our magazine that not many could have provided. We're proud to be associated with

That eventually evolved into the first retail establishment dedicated solely to anglers who wanted to fish from kayaks. That business changed the sport by proving there was a vast untapped market. Along the way Jon started writing for a few publications including a monthly column in NJ Angler called Yakin bout Fishin and also as the east coast editor of the Kayak Fishermen. Jon and his partner, Joey, sold that business in 2006. Jon has what most feel is the most diverse resume in the sport. He sold thousands of kayaks and outfitted many of them while shipping them worldwide. He’s personally fished out of over 55 different models for over 75 different species of fish from Alaska to Baja to the Caribbean to New England. He’s authored hundreds of articles, has over 20,000 message board posts. One item he had started working on many years ago was released this spring, his first book, Kayak Fishing.



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