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David Rieumont is one of the five original team members that conceived, built, and currently manage TheOnlineFisherman. He's the only licensed guide on the team but he's definitely the most respected and knowledgeable fisherman of the bunch. Him and Gary Poyssick became close friends when he recommended Mel Berman and Poyssick's book Skinny for his clients to read as a great 'primer' for those wanting to learn how to fish shallow saltwater.

A key part of the team, it's Captain David that's the one that vettes and approves guides for our Contributing Guides group. That group, composes solely of professional, full time Charter Captains, is where the reports come from that you find on TheOnlineFisherman.

David, is pretty much the liaison between our publishing group and the fishing community. From charity events, to television writing, programming, production, and more, and insight into equipment, he's the guy that answers our fishing questions.

David is a designer and manufacturer's consultant for everything from high-quality, affordable fishing rods and reels to braided line, leader and all sorts of fishing tackle. David works closely with Lee Fisher International, Tampa's Fishing Outfitters, Ohero Rods, Reels and tackle, and many other household names in the world of sport fishing.

Without Captain David Rieumont's dedication, passion, and faith in the project, it never would have happened. You have Captain David to thank for TheOnlineFisherman.

You can reach David here at TheOnlineFisherman.

David didn't start his career on the waters of West Central Florida. In fact, he started his career as one of New Yorks finest, and relocated to Florida and after years as a policeman from our own Clearwater Police Department he retired. From saving lives as a decorated Police Officer to now helping less fortunate children through fishing no matter what the plight. Captain David became a United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine from 2003 to the present. During that time he started Sea Scrap Charter Guide Service, where he serves as President and Owner since the same year. He has employed other young guides to help them out and further them along in the industry.

There is something else you find Captain David doing besides teaching people how to hunt for, find, and catch fish. And that’s giving back to our community in any way he can. In Captain Rieumont's case, that included his participation in the Make-A-Wish Foundation, where he has been involved in as a Wish Granter, a Facilitator and Spokesperson since 1995. Considering that, it's not surprising to find Capt David is also involved in Wounded Warriors, Cops for a Cause, The Blooming Place for Kids where he takes the States most abused and neglected children on a fishing adventure of a lifetime. Captain David started with 5 children and now runs the adventure in the first week and last week of July every year with over 100 children. Our Captain gives back big time.

Captain David is a Board Director and President of the popular Anclote Key Anglers Inc. A Fishing Club, where the focus is on Charity, Family, Education and Conservation. Captain David hosted the fishing shows on 860 WGUL and 1340 WTAN for many years. Captain David can now be heard on ESPN radio on Saturday mornings. He is an experienced TV producer, director, and acting talent for a wide range of programs, commercials ads, and educational pieces which can be purchased in tackle shops and stores throughout the country. He was accepted into the Florida Outdoor Writers Assoctaion an elite nationally recognized outdoor writers group.  

Captain David is one of the owners and publishers of TheOnlineFisherman.


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