How far out into the Gulf will you have to travel from Crystal River to catch dolphin or grouper?


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Hi Mr Tripp,

As we close in on cooler water temperatures, grouper will come in close and into very shallow water. As shallow as 10'. Find any rock or rock piles and you will find some grouper. You can catch them in shallow water until it gets cold. Then they will move to 50 feet of water and further.


During the spring and summer months you usually have to go out at least until you hit 50 feet of water to catch quality grouper. Citrus County Reef is a great place for grouper. The GPS coordinates are 28 47.496' N, 83 03.350' W. Go the the reef and drift it until you get on a good bite or you can just run a search pattern on the reef with your sounder on, until you mark some good structure or a good show of fish.

As far as dolphin, there is no consistent bite in the Gulf Of Mexico up your way. They catch dolphin occasionally up your way, but it is definitely a by catch.

Captain David


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