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Mr Fields,

I like to use a 15 - 20 lb Ohero braided line in a Hi-Vis.  There is no stretch in the braid which helps the hook penetrate the tough mouth of the sheepshead.   Using the Hi-Vis, I can detect when the line moves in the slightest from a fish picking it up.  The darker color braid makes this much harder to do.  You should use a 20 - 25 lb Fluorocarbon leader because it is invisible.  Make it about 30 inches long. 

I like to use a cutting edge hook by Owner. Size #2 through 1/0.  The bait and the size of the sheepshead helps me determine my hook size.  The cutting edge is like a razor blade and seems to penetrate better into and through a sheepsheads hard toothed mouth.  The needle point does not work as well.  Just my opinion. 

sheepshead fishing line

I use jigheads tipped with shrimp or crab or a circle hook and split shot with shrimp or crab.  Lastly, I use a dropper rig which lets me keep a bait suspended along pilings or markers. It is a great way to catch sheepshead. 

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