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Hi Mr Jones,

I would suggest a Shakespeare custom ugly stick, model USCS1170-MH which has a 15-30 lb line rating (spinning) with a Shimano Spheros 10000 reel which is light, durable and has 33 lbs of drag pressure. Incredible for a reel of its size. I have caught 200lb fish on this setup. The total cost of this outfit should be around $230.00 without tax and it will last you a lifetime!!!!


This combo is powerful enough to lift grouper off the bottom and fight tarpon around structure, yet sensitive enough to flat line for kingfish and other pelagic fish. Thank you for using The Online Fisherman. If you register as a TOF member you will be automatically entered for this week's free fishy giveaway. Registration is free and members have full access to every part of our site.

Captain David

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