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Are old reels worth money to collectors?

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Dear Captain " Are old reels worth money to collectors? "

Hi Mr. Leger,

A 1968 Garcia Mitchell 300 brand new in the original box. It could be worth some money, but it all depends on the supply and demand of the market at the time. I have seen some fishing reels that were bought at $17.00 and sold for over $100 because it had some sentimental value to the angler buying it.


You could post it for sale in the classified section of The Online Fisherman, called "Crab's List". But before doing that I would suggest going to the "Mitchell Reel Museum" page. They can give you the exact worth, value and history of the fishing reel. I had checked with Mitchell and was waiting for an answer back. Shoot them an e-mail or phone call and let us know what they tell you. They are also probably going to ask you for a photo of the reel.

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Captain David M. Rieumont

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