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Catching Largemouth Bass on a Rubber Worm

I've come to believe that catching largemouth bass on a dark rubber worm – rigged the right way – is a way that will work just about everywhere these great fighters live.

Largmouth Bass Offshore?

When we think offshore, we do not think largemouth. But this article from an experience pro will change your mind.

Top Tips from a Freshwater Pro

This conversation about fishing Florida freshwater - for everything from local fish to non-natives - is a great read.

Six Essential Knots for Fishing

Join the folks at FreshwaterNation on YouTube for a killer instructional video about essential fishing knots.

Seeing Spots - Big Spots!

While largemouth bass like flats, Klayman said, spots tend to prefer larger rocks and hang out more along channels, especially at the ends of bluffs and chunk-rock banks.

Shad Blitz for Florida Bass

The countless threadfin and gizzard shad hatched in Florida lakes this past spring are now approaching the two to three inch size, and that makes them prime targets for Largemouth Bass where ever they are found.

Why Bass Hit Topwater Flies

Why does a bass - or any fish - hit a topwater fly? This smallmouth bass article answers the question for all flyfishers.

Crankbaits 101

In this video from @FWaterNation, we show you how to fish lipless and square bill crankbaits. Check it out!