Big Fish Lakes for Sale?

Wanna buy more than 170 lakes filled with everything from bass species to big catfish to carp? Move to Myramar.

When we saw the headline in this Bangkok Times report from Myramar about the sale of 170 fishing lakes we had to do a little bit of research and bring you the story.

Mandalay in Myanmar is putting some 170 fishing lakes in the region under the hammer this coming budget year, according to the Fisheries Department.

Lakes for Sale

Department chief Hla Win said the auction, either in April or May, would be conducted transparently when the new budget year starts, to prevent problems, the Myanmar Times reported on Monday.

What we thought was very interesting when we were reading this story was this list of what fish might be in those 170 lakes. Some we recognize and some we do not. This is a list of the Freshwater fish in Myamar waters.

FROM THE PUBLISHER: In case you never heard of the country we're talking about, you probably know it by an older and more romantic name: Burma.


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