Another solid week of fishing overall. Water levels continue to drop in the Everglades allowing for somewhat better catch's (the best is still to come) with the near future looking bright.

The urban canals has some limited schooling activity for peacock bass and a lot of sightcasting. A great time to target them on fly's.

My week started off with where I left off the week before with Howard Mullin of Sarasota, Florida and Tom Findlay of St. Petersburg, Florida fly fishing a full day in the L-4 canal and they caught 16 largemouth bass up to 3 pounds using wooly buggers. The next day Dean McNew of Ft. Myers, Florida and his brother Rob of Tennessee fished a full day in the L-29 canal and caught 29 largemouth bass up to 3 pounds using Sankos. The next day Seth Waller of Lake Worth, Florida and John Socol of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida fished a full day in the C-4 canal and would catch 35 peacock bass up to 5 pounds and one 7 pound largemouth bass using Road Runner Jigs. The next day Marty Arostegui of Coral Gables, Florida fished a full day in the C-1 canal and he caught 3 peacock bass up to 3 pounds and 2 grass carps on small jigs and berry fly's. I finished the week with Carl Hochrein of Pembroke Pines, Florida fishing a full day in the L-30 canal and we caught 53 largemouth bass up to 6 pounds, 3 peacock bass, 2 Mayan cichlids and one catfish on Gambler Flappin Shads, Baby Torpedoes and floating Rapalas. A full week ahead!

Pictures from the last week:





Tight lines,
Alan Z.

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