Miami Urban Canals

A busy week until the weather moved in and chased my clients from fishing this weekend!

My week started with Gary Hamilton of Wilmington, Delaware down for the 14th year in a row for three days fishing in the C-4, L-35 and L-30 where he caught 112 largemouth bass up to 3 pounds, 18 peacock bass up to 4 pounds, a bunch of spotted sunfish and a bunch of Mayan cichlids on Fin S baits, swimkos and Pro Traps.

Next, Marty Arostegui of Coral Gables, Florida and Steve Wozniak of San Francisco, California fished in the C-8 canal where they caught 4 peacock bass up to 4 pounds, some Mayan cichlids and a bunch of Theraps on jigs and Publix enriched white bread.

I would finish the week with Jamie Gage of Bradenton, Florida and Luis Acevedo of Miami, Florida fishing a full day in the C-100 and they caught 32 peacock bass up to 2.5 pounds using jigs.


Looking for better weather this week!

Tight lines,
Alan Zaremba

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