Everglades Canals
The mixed bite continues in the urban canal and water levels continue to be very high throughout the Everglades canals limiting the action.

The urban canal's in and around the city continue to be tricky to navigate so watch your heads, that's the bad news. The good news is we are getting action on topwater baits like Baby Torpdoes, Zara Spooks and Chug bugs along with some sightcasting as well using Blakemore Rooster tailed jigs. The topwater bite can be anytime of the day.

In the Everglades I have had some great days fishing in the gheenoe in the isolated areas were the water does not flow over the banks into the marsh areas. Gambler Ribbon tailed worms and Flappin shads have been the best baits for my boat.

I still have plenty of openings over the upcoming weeks so give me a yell and I'll put you on the fish! Call me toll free at 877-966-2275 or on my cell phone at 954-609-3671 or just write me back at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

On another note the new shirts are a hit and have some deals on both the cotton and dri release shirts (they also protect you from the sun). I now have available in short sleeve as well, they are a great looking shirt! I can get them in almost any color as well but have plenty in stock in both white and gray so can get them out to you ASAP.

Pictures from the last week:

Everglades fishing report-captain dave and max holding fish
Everglades fishing report-gancy holding snook Everglades fishing report-max holding fish
Everglades fishing report-max holding nice peacock

As you can see we have some great action going on this week! I hope some of you can break away from the busy schedules to enjoy some of this great stuff!!!!!!!!!!

Tight lines,
Alan Zaremba

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