Halifax River– Expect the morning bite to continue to pick up for the next couple of weeks.

Redfish, snook, flounder, seatrout, pompano, blackdrum, and sheepshead will be on the docks, near shore oyster bars, offshore bars, and bridges. Finger mullet are plentiful, should be easy to catch with a cast net, and are a terrific bait for many of the desirable species. However, they won't catch our sheepshead and blackdrum. Instead, some sort of crustacean or mollusk bait needs to be used. If pinfish are stealing your shrimp, try fiddler crabs. If crabs are small, use two.


Tomoka River – Snook continues to be the hot species. Target the banks with soft plastics, top waters, or natural baits. They set up ambush points usually around structure and will hit the same spots on the bank time after time. Flounder, snapper, and redfish are also common catches.

Small tarpon are also an option occasionally. If you see them rolling or feeding in the channel, you can target them with free-lined large live finger mullet.

Tomoka Basin – Flounder are lining most of the pot holes along the banks of the basin. Spoons with treble hooks do a good job of landing fish in skinny water. If targeting with live baits, a nose hooked live mullet slowly drug along the bottom on a circle hook is hard to beat. Trout, redfish, and snook are also around.

Captain Scott Blanford
Bad Juju Charters

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