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Bruce Butler first got hooked on saltwater fishing as a young child by his grandfather on the east coast of Florida. Grandpa Dale Butler was a champion snook fisherman on the coast two times in the early 60’s. He passed his love of the water and respect for the environment on to Bruce.

Bruce is also a well known outdoor writer featured in the coastal angler magazine. Fishing reports, destinations, and a dash of humor, have made Bruce a reader favorite.

Bruce has also been featured on catch 47 fishing reports on bright house network, as well as filming The Average Angler Adventures with Glen Pla.

A kayak is the perfect tool to express appreciation for the environment. You don’t tear up the grass beds and never leak oil or gas, a truly eco friendly craft.

Bruce started kayak fishing in the early 80’s. His boat was rigged with a depth finder and rod holders got some strange looks but now the world has caught on to his passion. Kayak fishing is sweeping the country.

Bruce moved from Indiana to the West Coast of Florida in 1984. He is a well respected angler on both coasts having fished from the Florida Panhandle to the Everglades. He's been helping to promote the sport for many years.

Bruce says it's a great feeling to teach the techniques for flats fishing. He will give you hands-on instruction and will always go out of his way to make your experience a truly memorable one.

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Bruce Butler



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