Crappie Fishing with the Outlaw Max Game Changer

The 333 Restaurant in Grenada, Mississippi will certainly go down in history as a great place to eat. It will also be recognized as the birthplace of the Outlaw Max Game Changer. In 2012 during a Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters tournament, pro-crappie angler Whitey Outlaw shared an idea for a new jig. Using a 333 Restaurant napkin he drew out his revolutionary concept for Rockport Rattler owner Charles Sablatura.

Like many innovations in the fishing industry, this one came from one angler's need to do something better.

"Grenada is known for big crappie," says Whitey. "Often those big crappie hit and run sideways on you. The hook up rate on those fish is something I wanted to improve on."

The idea he sketched out that day was a jig head with three hooks.

"My lure has three hooks and you can bend them anyway you want. Straight up and down, side by side, many combinations are possible."

Of course the new jig head also contains the all ready proven rattle system of the original Rock Port Rattler.

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