Doggy 100 kg Plus - Biggest Dogtooth ever caught on jig!
Shark Vs Shark: Giant Great White Attacks Another Great White
Girl catches Florida Dolphin, Sailfish and Big SHARK
Killer Whale Nearly Bites Guy's Paddleboard!
11' Hammerhead Shark From Canoe
Fishing for Mahi with Darcizzle!
Mako Shark Following Bait Underwater Cam
2 Lionfish Devour 14 minnows in just 2 MINUTES!
 Florida Bass Eats Frog and Alligator!


fishing-photo-of-the-week-winners 1
fishing-photo-of-the-week-winners 1

In the constant search for cool content about fishing, and (in this section) the politics of fishing, we come across some pretty outstanding stuff. High-budget, high-cost, high-impact stuff. Stuff like, let's say, AlGore produces. Stuff he gets paid the mind-boggling sum of (around) $100,000 an hour to show entraptured audiences, whose love for the wilderness they've never entered (much less spent a week in) drives them to donate billions of dollars in the name of the huge-headed meat-eating millionaire 100-times over.

God Bless America, right? Where else would a presidential wanna-be end up with $100 million, more private jet rides then he can count on a thousand rare beef patties, and a carbon footprint that has to be bigger then Starbucks, huh? Speaking of which, did you know that Starbucks has gone green? So has my plumber.



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