Caught in Flight With Greg Poland

Greg Poland image of a Caught-in-Flight Kite


I pay real attention to the warming trends in February (like the one we're having now). They happen now between the cold fronts, and as they often simulate a good mackerel bite. The calming dark waters, just of Islamorada, Florida, has a sandy white ocean floor that in a short distance, plunges down into the deep blue darkness of a locker room and a range of sportfish to please the most diehard angler. The drop-off is what brings game fish to feed along this structured undersea coastline. Depending upon the time of year, and what we're targeting, we target sailfish, kingfish, Spanish, cerro, dolphin, wahoo, cobia, amberjack, yellowtail and mangroves. But in February, under a kite, I think sailfish and big kings.

We're somewhat surprised you guys don't kite fish more often in your Central Florida part-of-town, because they're as effective as anything you can use.

Although any fish can hit a topwater bait, the most likely to take this offering, this time of the year are the fast fighting kings to the dancing diving ladies, the sailfish. On this trip, I was taking out a kite my friend Gary Anderson, recommended and sent me to try and all I can say is WOW! This Caught in Flight kite can catch fish in the slightest of a wind or my name ain't Greg Poland! I did not believe we could get any kite up but the Maxi-kite, filled up with the no breeze day and off to the birds she went assailing.

Anchored in sixty feet of water, right on the edge in Islamorada, we skipped out a live pilchard on one of my new Ohero Spinning Rod outfits. The rod and reel combo consisted of a Gold Series 7'6” medium-Heavy rod with the Ohero 4000, filled with 30 pound Braid, with a trace of 50 pound wire attached to a 3/0 VMC circle hook. Our second rod was exactly the same with the exception of the color of the braid; one was blue and the other light green, so as one could distinguish between which rod was doing what.

 Fishing in the Florida Keys with Captain Greg Poland

The Caught in Flight kite was attached to the kite line to which is attached to a Crystal Electric Kite Reel, which I prefer because I can change baits quickly after a bite and bite we got under this new kite! I was extremely excited the way it preformed in enticing the Kings, as they actually 'skyrocketed' in catching the live shrimps dancing to skipping along the water, under the kite. What an amazing bite, what an amazing kite! Mr. & Mrs. Victor Beck, from Tennessee, experienced this maiden voyage of the Maxi-kite in catching their first Kingfish ever. Using Pilchards and shrimp we started a kingfish feeding frenzy as they were skyrocketing as they ate the baits that were dangling on the surface! Mrs. Beck said,”it came out of the water 6 feet, with the bait in its teeth!”

 Images of Fishing in the Keys with Captain Greg Poland

Go fly a kite, its a lot of fun

Catch Ya Later...

Capt. Greg


“I have been a Charter boat Captain / Fishing Guide in the Florida Keys sense 1989. I would love to get you out on the H20... Let me know when you are ready to go catch the big one. Capt. Greg”




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