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fishing-photo-of-the-week-winners 1
We spoke this morning with Captain Greg Poland as he and Captain Mark Schmidt of Sundance Charters headed out of Key West towards the Tortuga's. Their destination was to play their dual role as the camera crews for the new Outdoor Life Network and the Mad Fin Shark Tournament.

Captain Poland was on one boat, with Schmidt on another (with camera people with them). On a third boat was prior tournament winner Tommy Sanders, and among the captains running boats is Steven Rodgers, whose gone from being a young guy hanging around Captain Mark to one of the Keys' top players in the locale's incredible array of professionals fishing tournaments like the Gold Cup Sailfish Tournament, the Fall Fly, the Merkin, or the Mad Fin.

We will have videos hopefully by tomorrow, so check back for news coming in from the people behind the shows that the 'rest of the world' will be seeing in a few months when they go live on national television...


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