Fly Fishing 101

Old Friends, New Fish

Three old friends venture out to find trout, grow their friendship, and touch what's really important in life.

The History of Fishing Reels

Fishing with reels is quite ancient - the first images predate the pyramids. This brief article will give you some insight into the history of fishing reels and where they are at now.

The Art of Selecting a New Fly Rod

The art of selecting a new fly rod is just that, an art. So much so as the art of fly fishing being an art. If you don’t understand the art, you can’t partake in the art effectively. Man that sounds snooty, but it’s true. Let’s talk about what you need to know about your upcoming selection Picasso. For the sake of this conversation we are talking about saltwater fly rods.

Hooked on Rock Snot

For the past decade or so, I’ve been traveling to Colorado in July to escape the agonizing humidity of Florida. There’s something weird and wonderful about wearing wool socks and flannel pajamas in the dead of summer. But I digress.

Topwater Lures for Bass

The Bass fishing in Florida is world class, and topwater lures will almost always draw strikes if you fish them in the right places at the right time of day.

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