Peacock on a Flyrod in the Miami Canals

These colorful beasts reach 28lbs in the Amazon though the state record is only 11. The right flies work consistently.

When we read this story about this guy's personal fly (called The Anvil) it caught out eye. We love all things bucktail, and this one falls into the category. The story is about catching Peacock bass on flyrods in Florida's southeastern canal system, and if you're like us having this incredible international fishery right around the corner (so to speak) makes it that much more intriguing.

Peacock on a flyrod

The story came from Miami's Community Newspaper:

The Butterfly Peacock is the smaller, more colorful cousin of the Speckled Peacock Bass of the Amazon. The recent record for the Amazon Speckled Peacock stands at 28 lbs. While the record for Florida Peacock Bass is 12 lbs.

I have caught Peacock Bass on Clousers, Gurglers and even the infamous “Buddy Lee” (Worlds Toughest Canal Fly) – but if you want to catch Peacock Bass in Miami, then the “ANVIL” has got to be your first fly of choice – Period.

The “ANVIL” is a bucktail fly with lead dumbbells for eyes similar to the Clouser but much heavier and the eyes are pushed forward to the extreme for head first diving and direct access to deeper water immediately…the speed of the ANVIL is the success…nothing is more brutal to a peacock than a dead fall ANVIL among them!



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