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Report, Clearwater to Anclote 2 years 2 months ago #27026

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November 10, 2012- Boat Slam

We landed many fish today. Fishing has been good. I caught the redfish and trout. Andrew caught the snook and trout.

We caught many other fish today including...Jack, Black Drum, Ladyfish, and of course the most pesky fish in the river, the mango.

The 2 snook I helped Andrew catch were the first snook he has ever caught in his life and he is an avid from shore fisherman.

Good Times

November 04, 2012: SLAM

Yesterday I was able to get on the water around ten in the morning. I had live shrimp. The shrimp were easy to keep alive because the water temperature is lower than it usually is in the summer time. I caught many fish yesterday. I caught 1 snook, 3 redfish, 1 trout, 2 black drum, 2 keeper mangrove snapper and too many undersize mangrove snapper to count,

These are pictures of my slam fish from yesterday. The redfish was 28 inches which is the biggest redfish I have ever caught.




October 13, 2012- I am super psyched to report in today. All summer I have been hooking up with snook and I have been unable to land really any, and the last 2 times I go fishing I land 3 snook. This makes me very happy. Snook is a difficult species to locate and land consistantly in my area. There is a very large number of people who fish my local waters and I would not doubt if the area is slightly overfished. I would also not doubt that I am very underknowledged and underskilled to find and land this species with any consistency with the changing of the seasons. But as I improve I will be sharing how things are coming along, with you, the users of TOF.

Good news...2 snook today both in the same place. They must have been sitting next to each other. I have added a video onto and you can see the larger of the two in the short video.

In the video you will see one small snook, one of the four black drum I hooked, landed, and released. A short clip of me surfing from the last cold front in Clearwater, and at the end there is something you do not see every day. While I was fishing a helecopter flew up to the powerlines. The helecopter had 2 men attached by a long cable. The helecopter flew up with these men swinging in the wind, dropped them off on one of the narrow arms of the tower, let them unhook themselves, and it flew away. As scary as this was watching, I could not imagine being attached to the end of that cable with the 15mph winds we had today. Those guys are nuts, but I guess there is no other way to get the job done.

Watch for the blooper

September 23, 2012- Saw my first slam today. The boat I was on between the three of us pulled a slam yesterday evening/night.

Snoook: First, was a small 10 inch snook sitting on top of an oyster bar up against the mangroves in front of southerland bayou.

Redfish: Second, we caught an 18 inch redfish in curley creek under one of the floating docks near alt 19.

Trout: Completing the boat slam, we caught a trout under a lit dock next to marker one marina. This is the dock that has a small sign saying, "boat for sale" and has a phone number for the boat.

Also enjoyed putting on a small hook and bobber in the water at one of the sumberged lights on the north end of Marker One Marina. There were small fish everywhere and it was fun watching them eat small pieces of shrimp off the hook.

Saturday September 15, 2012- Took out the pathfider. Tyler picked up a new net from the new Tarpon Fishing Outfitters. We went out chumming the flats for pilchards and nothing but baby pilchards and pinfish. I take that back, one mangrove snapper.

Went to slay redfish at the usual spot but I was not at the helm and that made it difficult to position properly. I tried to help, and Tyler did his best. I'm not sure we would have been in much different a spot if I was at the helm but you really do not know the subtleties that make a difference. So no redfish at this spot caught.

I told Tyler how much I really am frustrated at my tendency to request we do this, or request we do that, specific to where and how we are going to catch fish. My buddy is certainly capable of making his own decisions, especially since it is his boat, and getting there and finding the fish is a big part of the excitement of fishing.

This being said we went to wall springs park area. At this point Tyler was a little more in control. We went to the back of this area to fish up against some mangroves but we were using too small or too large pinfish and didn't really have any proper bait.

We sat in the back and watched the water drain off the flat in front of us. We saw tailing fish everywhere, which included pouncing fish. I am almost certain there were redfish mixed in with mullet but they wouldn't eat cut pinfish, they wouldn't eat live pinfish on a jig head, they wouldn't eat live pinfish on a regular hook. They would not eat a gold spoon, they would not eat a white with a red head shrimp imitation. We just couldn't convince anything to eat. What were we doing wrong? What would be a good bait to use.

After pretty much all the water drained off the flat and oyster bars were completely exposed there were large fish feasting on other fish. Could it be that simply not having white bait prevented us from catching fish? What artificals would imitate a pilchard?

After only catching a few trout and ladyfish we left the cove. Quickly found white bait under the bridge once the sun set. Cruzed over to marker one marina and hit the first dock light at the end of the channel. We caught 2 trout and one flounder. We tried many other lights. We caught only one other trout. We probaby could have caught a boat load of undersized snapper but we didn't use fisherman knowledge to try different baits. At this point we were exhausted and ready to go in.

Back at the ramp was empty and the boat was quickly cleaned and readied for another day.

Memorial Day 2012- Anclote River, Shrimp, 24lb line, 30lb leader, 6 foot rod.

I fished the river for the first time all summer. I fished this alleyway I have caught a couple species of fish, snook and a shitload of catfish. The alleyway is right before the sponge docks on the right coming in from the gulf.

By using a fish finder and driving around you can see fish on the finder. Pretty much stop and fish with shrimp on the bottom and you will have a field day with catfish. One guy in a gheenoe told me he was fishing the mangrove shoreline on the right before the sponge docks and caught a 32 inch redfish in between all the catfish. Moral of the story, you might catch the biggest red of your life fishing for catfish.

I caught 4 10 inch black drum. 1 red. 1 stingray. 1 sheepie. good times.


Additional information...Some of the guys on the big boats "hot-dog" and "stephen" both told me there are massive snook under their docks in the sponge docks. They said they usually see the massive snook early morning. They have even given the super large one a name.

Night Fishing August 5, 2012- Yesterday I started fishing around 5 in the afternoon after the storms dissipated. I trekked to get pilchards and didn't get any around 5, or during the day. I have been having this problem frequently lately. Then I fished the north tip of honeymoon on the reef in 12 feet of water and caught 1 blacktip but was chased out by storms. I then headed toward southerland bayou and found it low tide and so I fished the flats near the mangroves with a pinfish and caught a redfish and watched numerous tailing and pouncing. by this time it was dark so I went to the causeway bridge and got whitebait under the light. Then I started looking for docklights but didn't find any. I know there are lights in clearwater so I went there. I fished the shadow line of the first bridge to clearwater, next to the new marina with the big boats. I missed lots of fish including one missed large snook on 20lb test floro leader, and one missed ladyfish. I caught a good size ladyfish. It didn't take long for the big bright moon to come up. I should have gone to the beach but went home instead.
That was a lot of fun catching ladyfish and hooking a largo snook. Then I went in. It was a good night and I plan on night fishing again soon.

July 28, 2012- Wow there are a lot of fun things to do if you have a boat. I don't remeber ever having as much fun looking for shells. So I went scalloping for my first time. We voyaged to Spring Hill where the scallopers and scallops were abundant. We arrived there early and fought the tide for an hour or so at it's peak but most of the day was just enough swimming and exercise to help relax the body. Throughout the day we saw exciting sea life such as starfish, remora, a large trout,pinfish, grunts, fish that swam into holes, underwater reefs, etc. Our scalloping started out slow but when we made our way to the large mass of boats we were swimming in them. We made it a point to try and grab as many as we could in one breath of air and here are the numbers, 5 twice within 50 feet of each other, 4 scallops five times, 3 scallops around ten times, 2 scallops too many times to count, and 1 at a time probably most often. I really enjoyed scalloping and I would reccomend it to anyone and everyone. I loved it so much I'm going again in the morning.

Not only is the activity fun and exciting but eating the scallops aint so bad eithor. I sauteed them in butter and ground garlic. Once the garlic started to brown I took the scallops out of the pan and wow were they good.

I made a video but it's not so great. There is some classic beastie boys that many of you may have never heard before and a sound you would never expect from such a group.

July 23, 2012-
Today included a trip into the Anclote River with Captain David Rieumont and his nephew Max Rieumont. Max had such a good experience last time he went fishing in the river and he wanted to take another trip back into this river. Captian David has spent 30 years of his life fishing this river, so a bad day was not in the cards. Today was one of the most exciting days for me fishing the river since I started fishing the river years ago including a new species to add to my list and the toughest river battle waged since I started hooking up.

We started by capturing as much shrimp as we possible could at the bait shop. This turned out to be a major part of our fishing day. Even though most of the bait died before we got it into the boat the shrimp seemed to work well regardless of their lifelessness.

River fishing usually includes going from spot to spot hitting every spot along the way that looks like it will produce trophy fish. Today was no different, however today I was with a real professional. The subtleties Captain David showed with spot selection and bait choice revealed themselves to be productive. What seemed like hitting the usual spots, going from spot to spot were no different but the approach he used to describe each location while getting us into position helped to clarify the purpose of the location and technique we were using to catch fish.

We started just inside marker 25 near the mouth of the anclote river with a well full of shrimp. We drove inward. The tide wasn't doing much, mostly sitting still for much of the morning.

Max pulled a blue crab off the bottom and straight into the boat. It pinched his hand and didn't pierce the skin, which to me was a surprise.

We were able to catch a few catfish before boating a small redfish near alt 19 with a deep red shade to its body and belly. Then we went on to catch black drum after black drum sitting under the same dock near alt 19. This dock was at the 3 story buildings with hot tubs on the roof. Using dead finger shrimp and a jig head we worked the bottom. Captain David was very good at doing the Captain thing and devoted much of his time on the boat today to helping us catch fish, but this was one of the places he caught a fish, a black drum. Captain David also chummed this spot with shrimp. It turned out 3 or 4 black drum as well as my small redfish. Then we moved..

At this point myself and Max had both caught our first ever black drums. Something we both can feel proud of.

On to the next spot. We approached docks and oysters that provided little action, only one small ladyfish that we were unable to boat. I did however notice that by bowing to the ladyfish it was unable to spit the hook but when the line was taught the fish spit the hook immediately.

It started to pour rain. At this point a little later in the day, the current was moving much more quickly than it had been in the morning.

We made our way under the US 19 bridge continuing to look for black drum. We worked the right side looking for fish and we came up with nothing, this however prepared me for the massive fish I would hook on the other side. Not catching anything on the right we made our way to the left. Just getting anchored and just after the rain I threw a dead shrimp up against the shoreline and let it drift in and wham. A big old fish did the head shake on the surface almost immediately. This fish was not happy after being unable to shake the unusually painful spike sticking into it's lip. It peeled a little line and I thought it was a fair sized redfish, then it took off and at that point I thought it was a 3 1/2 foot shark because it was tearing line off the reel. The fish slowed and turned around. Guess where the fish took me....

straight around some pilings, so what fish do you think it is now?

I let all the slack out of the line and didn't get broken off from the piling. We finally got the anchor up and worked our way around the piling. The fish was up against the rock shoreline. I started to apply pressure as prodded to do and pop. Shit!!!!!!!!! Captian David seems to think it was, "every bit of 40 inches." I wouldn't doubt that for a second, but the species I'm still a little unsure of, but based on the intelligent behavior this fish displayed I would have to agree with David's claim, that this fish was a 40 possibly plus snook.

We worked our way back and we didn't catch anything more than another small catfish. Max was beat by this point, taking a break in the tower watching myself and the Captian fish. We almost decided to fish a few spots on the way back but we made the call to track down a keeper fish so Max could work on his fish fileting skills. This sent us on a seek and distroy mission to the mouth of the river where there must be hundreds of keeper redfish.

We saw a boat a few hundred feet from the Anclote Park boat ramp and the guy in the boat paddling it in. David noticed this and decided to help. We towed the man in who said his motor exploded and it burst all the hatches off their hinges. This didn't take long and we were back at it, fishing again.

We fished the mouth of the river across from the Anclote Park Boat Ramp. There were many mangrove snapper and we caught a keeper redfish probably 23 inches. We decided to end our day with this beautiful fish in the live well. This fish was heading home for feasting later this evening, along with the blue crab Max caught at the beggining of the day.

All in all it was an outstanding day. In terms of fishing, I missed a very exciting fish, more exciting than any other I have hooked in the river. Max and myself were able to catch our first ever black drums together. I also was able to witness the touch of a skilled captain like David Rieumont. I also was really able to enjoy the company of David and Max and the quality relationship the two enjoy, which was a constant reminder of the quality relationship I had with my father. This was a great experience on the water today. I couldn't reccomend any better venue to spend a lifetime.

GO SCALLOPING! I would like to go find some scallops in my area. Can anyone reccomend an area to find scallops in this general area? The season ends in 10 days and I would like to get out there at least once before the end of the season.

July 03, 2012- Today I went offshore in my 17 foot tunnel hull flat bottom boat, and by offshore I mean 500 yards off Sand Key. I found some artificial reef coordinates on the county web site. North County Inshore Mitigation Reefs(I think numbers 16 through 10 or so are just off the beach of Sand Key starting right out front of the Sheratin hotel): They were great coordinates for someone who doesn't like to travel offshore. I pulled about 5 juvenile white grunts off of the number 16 artificial reef. I saw many larger fish on the finder. I am open to suggestions for catching fish there, as I'm sure other anglers would benefit from advice about how to fish this reef structure.

Unfortunately I went to try the coordinates from the offshore fishy spots map of theonlinefisherman with no luck. I couldn't find it with my Global Positioning System fish finder. Does anyone from theonlinefisherman have the correct GPS coordinates for the 200 tons of concrete reef in front of Sand Key? I would really like to try them during the upcoming week.
June 30, 2012- I had the opportunity to go fishing on my good friend Tyler's boat today and enjoyed this as I usually do.

Check out the fish we caught. This is another species I had no idea was in the dunedin area. I had heard rumors of them in the Anclote river, but I didn't find any there in the winter. I'm very excited to see another beauty in my local waters, or should I say ugly.

She was silver and super energetic and looks like...

and no I didn't lose my right hand in the war, it's just hard to see.
Father's Day- I heard from the guys working on the dredge boats that there were many big ol cobia on it.
Does anyone know how to figure out which reef is the one right out in front of Sand Key hotels? It is supposed to be on the county reef site.
Summer 06-16-2012- Today I fished in Dunedin again! We took my friend's super nice canoe out. We loaded down with a case of beer(which went straight to my buddies dome), sandwiches, a deep cell battery, 5 gallon bucket for a livewell, airaiting pump powered by the deep cell, 8 foot cast net in a box, fishing poles and a few extra hooks.

Put in on the most Southeast part of the Dunedin causeway, as soon as you get onto the causeway on the left. we scoured the area for pilchards chumming with fish food and oil. The wind was pushing the chum slick toward pilchard but it would have taken an hour or two just for the slick to reach the fish and we only were able to get a very small number of pinfish in about 4 feet of water. Luckily we stopped and picked up a couple dozen shrimp. We cruzed around the Marker 1 Marina area and came up with about 5 keeper flounder 4 of which escaped canoeside :angry-cry: so they are still down there. There was a lot of boat traffic.
Summer, June 11, 2012-
Netted Bait in one throw in the heat of the middle of the day.

My motor has been giving me shit so I was "stuck" fishing in Dunedin. I looked for snook on the northeast tip of caledisi but didn't see anything but yaks and swimmers. I went to go sit on the sandbar on the northwest part of caladesi but there were boats stalking Tarpon out there and thought I'd rather not sit around a bounch of other people not catching fish and try somewhere else.(When I see boats sitting on the sandbar I usually assume they aren't catching anything and blaring their music and bouncing tennis balls off the hull of their boat while they wait). I decided to sit inside the pass and catch whatever sharks I could because that is what I've always caught in Hurricane pass, that and seabass, stingrays, ladyfish, etc.

I threw a fat pinfish out on a 7ot hook, steel leader, 60lb florocaurbon leader. The current was ripping inward. I dropped some pilchards to the bottom and didn't have any luck but I continued trying, and wham fatty rod is reeling. I get the small rod with pilchard back in the boat. By this time the fish has stopped running. I pick up the rod and so goes the fish on another run. It finished running and I start bringing it in, and it swims to the surface and starts thrashing. I'm thinking in my head, there is a very small chance that I actually land a fish as beautiful, tasty, and legal as this one. I get it up against the boat and I gaff it through the bottom of the mouth, all the while boats have stopped to watch, even asking if they can help, since I was alone trying to land this fish. While the fish is gaffed in the mouth I'm holding the fish up out of the water a little bit to keep the gaff in it's lip. During the thrashing the hook comes out and the fish actually flips its-self off the gaff. As I watch the fish start to float away upside down, I hear a boater, "ahhhhhhhh." I reach the gaff into the water and gyank. I pull the fish into the boat. Here it is:

It's in my freezer waiting for the fourth of july.

After fileting the fish at Marino's I went back on the hunt for snook. Fished all around the little spoil island just north of the causeway up against the shoreline and didn't catch a damn thing. This species is doing wonderfully at evading capture by the Maverick. Cruzed the shoreline looking for snook, fishing dock and rocks. I came up with this keeper gag grouper. I didn't know you could even catch those things around this area inshore. I always assumed it was too shallow, or I didn't know the right technique. They are not the pokimon I thought they were(elusive creature). Is this a Gag?

I only fished for a few hours today and got lucky.

Summer, June 08, 2012- I finally got my boat back and it was raining. I went wrapped in a spring wetsuit. I wanted to fish under the clearwater bridge at night because of the bright lights and the well defined shadow lines of the bridge.

Got bait near St. Joseph sound using chum and a cast net. It was difficult catching bait and I was only able to get around 50 pilchards and some pinfish before the birds started to swarm.

Fished the docks at the big houses at the north end of clearwater in that gated community, as far north clearwater beach as you can go. I had seen snook there in the past. I tried drifting and fishing each one just a little bit because the wind was ideal for that and it was very deep and the power pole wouldn't work. It was great fun fishing those docks. There were lots of ladyfish, some trout and a baby blacktip shark. I missed a couple pops and missed a couple fish swallowing the bait. I could see there being large snook in there even after not catching any. There were some big swirls in the middle of the channel when I drove in and might be worth fishing.

Then checked out the channel leading to the pass near that sandy outcropping. Tried fishing those potholes and caught a keeper trout. Would have liked to fish the whole area but a massive storm chased me out.

Had to drop the car in low to pull out the boat with the slippery ramp and bald tires.

Spring, June 2, 2012- Fished the backside of caladesi with a canoe after noon til 5p. We caught bait.

May 31, 2012- Consistantly finding keeper trout on the incoming tides near the passes close to the shore.

Found a large school of redfish up against the mangroves as usual.

Made my way to Home Port Marina on the super low tide. Saw some noisy activity at the point at the end of the channel but had no luck with anything big. Had some luck with small trout under the docks but it didn't take long before someone was requesting we leave. That was a quick detterant for my friend. He said he didn't have his proof of registration on the boat and did not want a ticket. Do the property managers or owners have the right to demand we leave the area? All police, coastgaurd, and FWC requirements followed can we get any type of ticket, or trespassing for being back there?

Can anyone reccomend an area with some good potholes for the super low tide?

Early May- found our way up against the coastline for some protection and found a couple big snook, unfortunately we scared them but decided to work the area(using the baitfish for snook chum technique). I read here recently that, "if your not getting tangled in the mangroves your not fishing where the snook are". I used that knowledge and threw a greenback under the mangroves and WHAM, redfish. So that worked magnificently.

Picked up a couple other people and made our way to south anclote where we found more snook, and my usual fishing buddy dropped his line in the water and immediately, WHAM, he hooked a easy 30+ inch snook that took his line around a piling, where he eventually after limited coaxing persued the fish into the water. He had the fish worn out and about 2 feet away fromhim and POP the fish is gone. How unfortunate for a person who has only caught one small snook.


-Raymond A. Hess III

Spring Update May 05, 2012: So yesterday I went out and and targeted the legendary snook. Unfortunately I had difficulty catching white bait because of the low tide and lack of water on the flate holding them but finally came up with a few dozen. I hit up hurricane pass on the strong incoming and hooked up with 6 trout 4 keepers. Then made my way over to the beach where I discovered many snook. I didn't think they were hungry after I scared them driving by with my yamaha 60 2 stroke but I posted up just far enough away so I could make a cast and hooked up. This fish was the biggest in the school and was able to find it's way through the mangrove shoreline just long enough to make me work for it. I got to the last branch, grabbed it where the line was and pop goes the line. Shit! I sat almost on the shoreline at the north end of Honeymoon and watched many Tarpon roll by me on the incoming tide but I couldn't get any of them to eat my mullet imitation, I wanted to throw one of the big pinfish I had at them but after seeing about 50 fish I stopped seeing them and didn't get that opportunity, I guess I wasted a little too much time on that mullet imitation.

Today I was able to find my way to the honeymoon submerged jetty where I found trout and spanish mackeral both willing to eat my pilchards on command. I got bored with that after I caught close to ten fish. Then I found my way just inside hurricane pass where I fished the legendary night dock, during the day, owned by the park. Nothing willing to eat probably because of the milky water clarity. I cruzed the beach of honeymoon heading north where I discovered a trough at the 2 mile marker on honeymoon that appeared to be a great place to toss a bait into during these summer months, but I didn't fish it. I went north looking for snook and scored fish on the backside of the island, I hooked a shela for sure. This thing immediately after being hooked made its way to the surface and did the head shake and this fish had a head, close to the size of a basketball, gills mouth eyes, all that. This was the most exciting hookup I've ever had. Surrounded by boats and anchor lines I may have had 50 yards to the left, anchor, 50 yards to the right, anchor so I had to keep this monster within range, so I palmed that reel, man did I palm that reel, until my hand hurt. on the second run, the fish chaged directions and my one ot hook came right out. I got my hook, leader, and line all back as well as an icreased level of arousal. Made my way around the island, finding many more snook but unable to capture one. I also chased a six foot black fish around but was never able to get close enough to see the species. Water clarity was unreal.

It seems to me in my last 2 days fishing, yesterday and today, that the largest snook in the school is usually the fish that takes the bait, so find yourself a school, whereever they may be.

Go get'em.

Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday, Spring, May 26, 2012 - Today I was expecting the masses to be out early but I was lucky to find what looked like a normal weekend. The morning resembled a normal weekend but after around 11 there were a whole lot of boat not only moving around but sitting right on top of the snook. I targeted the snook as well as two other prized gamefish, mr. redfish, and mr. trout.

I was able to find pilchards early. I made my way to the beach early hoping no one would be there but found people wading the beach early. I sat about 15 feet away from the waders and we both caught small trout and spanish mackeral. Fishing the beach is a great way to start the day. Helped a friend catch some bait, and I was back at it. I made my way inshore to find a school of redfish on the grass flat. This video shows me catching a 23 inch redfish from cast to release. I then found snook on the beach but could not provoke a strike, even after chumming with their summer food of choice. I'm thinking about going out in the morning but I'm not sure if I want to deal with all the boat wakes again. Maybe Monday. Ahh the beauty of summertime as a student.

Best Wishes, and Goodluck
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Excellent report. I have not fished that Dunedin causeway in years. When my wife and I first moved in together it was up there, very net the causeway. Walking distance. I used to catch nice snook on the northeast corner all the time.. It was an excellent sport to fish when the moon was getting full or almost gone. It was obviously solunar in nature, but the way the moonlight casts shadows there seemed to have an impact too. Moon shadow is surely a factor when you are mangrove fishing or any structure fishing, really, if it is high enough off the water.

But thanks for the report.

JOIN CCA if you take our sport and our environment seriously...
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Re: SEE ALL CAPS 2 years 2 months ago #27259

I usually take a handful and squeeze them and give them a few shakes inside my bait thrower( wiffle bat w/end cut off). They are still intact and able to swim and if not hit they tend to recover somewhat and swim around. I use this as a guide to let me know if anything is around after a while as well when I see them still swimming and not getting hit either nothing wants to play or not in the area. Hope this helps.
Captain Randy Schoneman
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Raymond ditto what Cat Randy said...... but sometimes i like to leave the bait in tact and pop one of the eyeballs with your thumb. The bait will swim in circles on top of the water. Another thing is if your fishing the mangroves try and get those chummers WAY up in there. The snook are not going to be sitting outide the mangroves looking in, they are going to be wedged back in there waiting for things to swim by. good luck!
Team BF
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updated May 20, 2012
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Report, Clearwater to Anclote 2 years 2 months ago #27815

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Updated May 26 Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday
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Hey Raymond, thanks for posting new reports! It's probably easier if you start a new thread though so people don't get confused by the different dates all on the same thread...

Great reports though bro. I'm glad you followed my suggestion to get your bait as close to the mangroves as you can. I was told that a long time ago and it works. If you're not getting hung up you're not fishing where the fish are...
If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles. -Doug Larson
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Updated May 31, 2012
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Raymond, awesome report and good stuff! Nice redfish. :@))
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Re: update 06-09-2012 2 years 1 month ago #28522

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Very nice
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Keeper Cobia and Grouper 2 years 1 month ago #28604

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updated June 11, 2012
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Re: Keeper Cobia and Grouper 2 years 1 month ago #28605

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Very nice catches. That is a gag grouper. That is definitely keeper size but they are out of season right now until July 1.
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Re: Report, Clearwater to Anclote 2 years 1 month ago #28606

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Re: Report, Clearwater to Anclote 2 years 1 month ago #28616

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nice cobia.
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