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586 Topics 4817 Replies Bmcassw1's Avatar
Last Post: Hello everyone
by Bmcassw1
1 week 2 days ago
Find out what's going on with The Online Fisherman. All how-to articles or fishing maps that we publish will be posted here!
127 Topics 707 Replies surfman's Avatar
by surfman
1 hour 34 minutes ago
This forum is for all things fishy: techniques, lures, bait, favorite fish to catch, favorite fish to eat, etc.
3232 Topics 26.7k Replies Andrew Benak's Avatar
by Andrew Benak
43 minutes ago
Want to know where the fish are or what they're biting? Ask any fishing questions you may have here!
551 Topics 4713 Replies lonewolf0420's Avatar
by lonewolf0420
21 minutes ago
This is a forum where you can comment on or find out the good and the not-so-good things about fishing products.
139 Topics 1816 Replies BigDuke's Avatar
Last Post: NU-ICE Perfection
by BigDuke
19 hours 56 minutes ago
Looking for places to fish in your kayak or suggestions for kayak fishing products? Ask anything related to kayak fishing here.
423 Topics 3604 Replies Brophy's Avatar
by Brophy
2 days 14 hours ago
A forum for discussions between shark enthusiasts and those wanting to learn more about shark fishing.
100 Topics 541 Replies barrynfla's Avatar
by barrynfla
1 day 12 hours ago
Meet people to fish with! Many friends have been made here. Have fun and let's help each other catch fish!!!
168 Topics 924 Replies pickgrin's Avatar
Last Post: Wednesday 4/2
by pickgrin
4 days 8 hours ago
Looking for some great wrecks or reefs to dive? Need advice on gear? Ask anything related to Spear fishing or diving here.
7 Topics 30 Replies theamazinghason's Avatar
by theamazinghason
1 week 1 hour ago
A forum for discussions between Flyfishing enthusiasts and those wanting to learn more about Flyfishing.
55 Topics 650 Replies abm5926's Avatar
by abm5926
11 hours 27 minutes ago
Probably 75% of fishermen in the world fish inshore/nearshore. Here is where you can find these helpful fishing reports.
2377 Topics 19.7k Replies Arti-6's Avatar
Last Post: Happy Easter
by Arti-6
49 minutes ago
A fishing report section for the ever-increasing number of individuals who don't start an engine to start their fishing day.
213 Topics 2708 Replies Flaswimbaiter's Avatar
by Flaswimbaiter
12 hours 13 minutes ago
A huge percentage of the fishermen in this world fish freshwater. If you're catching big bass, let us know how you did it!
174 Topics 1091 Replies augiford's Avatar
by augiford
2 days 16 hours ago
Fishing reports for people that realize there really is life beyond three feet of water with a six-foot drop.
272 Topics 1771 Replies harbison's Avatar
by harbison
6 days 17 hours ago
A lot of us don't have boats - but regularly have great days wading or fishing from land...tell us how you did it!
217 Topics 1957 Replies Phisherman813's Avatar
by Phisherman813
22 hours 46 minutes ago
Know of a tournament going on? Want to see tournaments are going on in your area? Post them here.
86 Topics 450 Replies OldSalty's Avatar
by OldSalty
2 days 16 hours ago
Any and all fishing events can be posted in this forum. If you know about one, share it with us!
130 Topics 1099 Replies captjimlemke's Avatar
by captjimlemke
5 days 10 hours ago

Crab's List (Classifieds)

These forum categories are for selling and buying personal items; it is not for businesses or commercial use. For advertising rates and information click the link at the bottom of the page.
Any fishing gear (Lures, Cast Nets, Rods, Reels, etc.) can be placed here. If you're looking for gear you can also ask here.
340 Topics 898 Replies Blase's Avatar
by Blase
7 hours 55 minutes ago
ANY and ALL types of boats can be sold/traded here. If it floats (or doesn't) it can be placed here. One man's junk is another's treasure...in this case it may be sunken treasure...
112 Topics 566 Replies Arti-6's Avatar
by Arti-6
1 day 12 hours ago
This is where the "Crab's List" really comes in to play. This is our version of Craigslist. Anything can be sold here.
69 Topics 169 Replies Flipv1983's Avatar
by Flipv1983
2 weeks 5 days ago
This forum is to share your knowledge -- or lack of -- about anything that has to do with boats or boating.
194 Topics 2190 Replies CaptSteveBetz's Avatar
by CaptSteveBetz
2 days 33 minutes ago
Tell or ask us about new boating products. Of, if you have a great boat mechanic, let us know!
47 Topics 293 Replies Snookaholic's Avatar
by Snookaholic
1 week 12 hours ago
Are you building or attempting to fix your boat? Post any questions comments or concerns here.
31 Topics 507 Replies 77 Mako 23's Avatar
by 77 Mako 23
4 days 17 minutes ago
Engine trouble or maintenance questions can be posted here.
18 Topics 208 Replies scootyb's Avatar
Last Post: loosing rpm's
by scootyb
1 month 15 hours ago

Conservation and Regulations

Regulations, Conservation, and the Recreational Fishing Alliance...
Regulations, laws, and rulings affecting our lives, including changes to FWC regulations.
71 Topics 208 Replies 77 Mako 23's Avatar
by 77 Mako 23
8 hours 11 minutes ago
Anglers, hunters, and outdoorsmen are the true environmentalists. Join the conversation..
45 Topics 202 Replies poyssick's Avatar
Last Post: Catch shares...
by poyssick
12 hours 43 minutes ago
Some of the best recipes in the country can be found on forums where we're also sharing fishy spots, casting techniques, and the love and experience of being an active sports fisher.
23 Topics 138 Replies AndyS's Avatar
by AndyS
2 days 2 hours ago
Anything not fishing related can go here
212 Topics 1284 Replies Lostmans1's Avatar
by Lostmans1
1 week 6 days ago

Florida Fishing Clubs

Any fishing club in the state of Florida - regardless of size - can have free forum on The Online Fisherman. It will be private, moderated by your president and/or vice president, and be available only to your members.
This is a forum to ask general questions about getting involved or even starting a fishing club here in Florida.
10 Topics 40 Replies Floridakey's Avatar
by Floridakey
4 months 3 weeks ago
O'Brien's Fishing Club is for inshore and offshore fishing, where captains, guides, visitors, serious fishermen and the weekend fisherman, woman or child can come together and enjoy and learn the sport of fishing!
Moderators: salty hunter
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by 1fishnguy
9 months 2 weeks ago

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