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fishing-photo-of-the-week-winners 1
fishing-photo-of-the-week-winners 1
These past few weeks, the weather has been less then tolerable for offshore fishing. But rougher weather has brought some new fish to our area. Hopefully nicer weather is on the way so we can all get back out there.

Palm Beach-Jupiter Offshore Fishing Report

Mahi-Mahi: The Mahi bite is still going strong with fish holding in the 90-150 foot range. Due to the rough conditions, captains are finding trolling the obvious choice. The fish are hitting both artificial as well as natural baits. The fish have been favoring brighter skirts such as chartreuse and fluorescent colors.


Sailfish: Some captains have reported sailfish coming into their trolling spreads to take a look and have seen many fish free jumping. Most fish have been seen in 70-90 feet of water. Many larger boats have attempted kite fishing, but have found the rough seas and wind, too much to deal with.

Kingfish: The Kingfish bite has slowed down, but some smaller fish are still being found just off the "Breakers Reef". The favored way to target these fish is by drifting live baits. Set floats at different depths until you can figure at what depth the fish are holding at.

Black Fin: The Black fins are still moving up and down the Palm Beach Coast in depths ranging from 200-400 foot of water. Trolling feathers and small jet heads/bubblers are your best bet.

*Remember, tuna is a fish to be eaten the same day; tuna isn't good after you freeze it.

Wahoo: The Wahoo bite has slowed down with very few fish being caught. Some captains feel that the rough seas and wind has turned these fish off. Captains are still trying, trolling for them in the 300-500 foot range, but have had very little success.

Mutton Snapper/Yellow tails/Grouper/Lane Snapper: The bottom fishing is still going strong, but again the seas are making it very difficult to keep baits on the bottom. If you should decide to venture out, try the shallower reefs for some are still holding good fish and the shallower waters are a little calmer.

Palm Beach-Jupiter Inshore Fishing Report

The snook bite is still at its peak with a lot of big fish being caught in the inlets on live bait. Remember to exercise extreme caution when the weather gets rough. The inlet is not a place you want to get stuck in during rough seas. The snook are also being found in small canals and spillways. Remember with all the rain we have had, the spillways are remaining open.

The mullet run is still going strong, if you can find it during these rough seas. Some friends of mine were fortunate to find the school while surfcasting off of Mac Arthur Park.

The "Run" has also brought bluefish, big jacks and Spanish mackerel to the coast.

Everyone get out there and have a great time on the water and be safe.

Remember keep what you plan on eating that night and release the rest for our future generations.

See you on the water

Gary E. Friedman
Field Reporter

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