Ethanol-free Gas for your 2-stroke engine

Ethanol-free Gas for your 2-stroke engine

Need we say more? Although the state likes to consider itself the Sport Fishing Capital of the World, arguably the keys are the capital of the capital. From huge tarpon near Seven Mile Bridge to the sailfish to the bonefish to the wahoo to the dolphin (Mahi) to the wahoo to the permit the size of sewer covers in eight inches of water, there is no place like the Florida Keys. It is said by locals to be a Drinking community with a Fishing Problem. So if you want to rid yourself of the addiction to sport fishing, this probably isn't the place to do either. It is a good place to have a cocktail after four hours in the blazing tropical sun. And stop by Hemingway's house while you're in Key West looking for the Gold that they haven't found yet. There is plenty there.

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