How to

Wine Cork Floats

The practice is reminiscent of a tactic my grandfather used to fool big largemouth bass in the clear waters of a spring fed Florida creek.

The History of Fishing Reels

Fishing with reels is quite ancient - the first images predate the pyramids. This brief article will give you some insight into the history of fishing reels and where they are at now.

How to Catch Sheepshead

Sometimes we find these stories laying around that are just too good to throw away. This story about how to catch sheepshead - a key and critical wintertime target species - is sure one of them.

Guy Harvey Origami Ornament Download

Deck out your halls with a Guy Harvey-inspired ornament. Watch our videos or download & follow the instructions below on these origami templates to create your own Guy Harvey-inspired ornaments.

How To Catch Freshwater Redfish

It was a hot summer July night in Tampa Bay. I had never fished before and my brother invited me to go fishing with him for the 200th time and something in me finally said, "OK, let's do it".

How to Catch Blue Crabs

In this article, I will tell you how to catch blue crabs, and then, how to cook them!

How to Fish Successfully from Shore

Shore fishing is something that doesn't require an investment in engines, gas or expenses associated with boating. But, it can be as productive as fishing from a $60,000 center console. A lot of us that have boats should consider spending more of our time with our angling feet on the ground. This article will give you some insight into how to increase your shore bound results.

Under the Boat: Basic Bottom Fishing

If you learn how to read the bottom, it will help tremendously in bringing fish to the top. This article explains how to read bottoms, and what to do when you see certain types of structure.

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