Snook Fishing From a Pier

From the Publisher: John Montagnino has been around the fishing community for a long time, and wrote a book about snook fishing that really deserves a review - and will get one soon. The name of the book is "A Fisherman's Secrets to Successfully Catching Snook On Florida Fishing Piers". We know the importance of delivering information to shore-bound and pier-bound anglers. A lot of people don't have their own boats. And speaking as a boat owner, there is still something special about catching fish with your feet still on the ground. It's challenging and productive, and John's specialty is doing just that: catching big snook from piers and the shoreline. This book will help you catch more snook, whether you're experienced or a newbie. After reading this article about September snook fishing techniques, purchase his book: {ijseo_redirect id=28}.

Snook fishing in September when snook season opens up, it's like this huge event. Very similar to when Ikea opened in Sunrise , FL. The snook are still full swing into their mating season. I've been on Juno Beach Pier September 1st elbow-to-elbow, and people hooking fish left and right. The pods of snook are so thick, the water looks black. Snook fishing on any Florida pier in September is outstanding. In the month of September I'm constantly up and down the pier. When I start in the mornings I usually go to the middle or to the end of the pier. I always look around and work an area depending on where I see the most aggressive fish or an area where I see the most fish.

Three Great September Snook Fishing Techniques

Now let me bring something to your awareness: If you're ever out on the pier in September notice the majority of people snook fishing are going after the same fish swimming outside of the bait that are most visible. What people fail to notice is that there might be a lot of snook off the pier swimming through the bait, but there are hundreds under the pier. You have huge pods of fish under the pier laying below the bait. You also have a lot of fish swimming around the pilings.

snook fishing strategies-john holding snook

There are three tactics that I use for snook fishing on pier's in the September to fall season:

  1. Drop baits on the bottom under and outside of the pier
  2. Freeline baits
  3. Drop a live shrimp with a small split shot

Dropping Live Baits on Bottom

Dropping live baits on bottom is great for snook lurking under the pier. Hook small mullet and pilchards up through the nose and drop it next to a piling or right under the pier. The cool thing is that you can leave the bottom rod down and have another rod in hand trying some other tactics. Remember to leave your drag loose. Look around the edge's of the pier and under the pier to see if the baits are condensed. Are they swimming close to the surface and tight together? If they are the snook are under them on the bottom.

Freelining Bait

Hook the bait up through the nose or a little above the anal fin. There is a difference in how the bait will swim. Hooking the bait up through the nose the bait will stay on the surface. Usually at first cast the bait will swim down and eventually swim to the top. Hooking a bait just right above the anal fin the bait will swim down and stay down. That's what you want when you can't see the snook on the surface. If the bait's are still thick around the pier look around and see if you can spot the lighter shade holes moving deep through the bait. Those holes are larger fish swimming through. Think about timing your cast and casting the bait in front of the snook moving down deep.

So what happens if there is no bait around? Go home? No, we arrive at our final destination.

Live Shrimp

Once the bait starts to disappear and the cooler temperatures come in, the snook will start to pod up around the deeper areas of the pier. This is where the frontier starts when you're looking over the rail under the pier for pods of snook. On clear calm days look for pods at the end of the pier and a few pilings down from the end. On days when the water is murky the best thing to do is to fish the surf. Live shrimp with a split shot under the pier and leave it there. If there's still bait around and no bites on live pilchards or mullet, give live shrimp a shot. You can afford a few bucks and buy a dozen.

The main thing here is that if something is not working, always change your approach and try something different. Just like everything else in life you don't need to know everything, but with just a few things down and changing your approach you will be successful.

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