Casting a Spinning Reel


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Loading line on a Spinning Reel

The biggest tip for a spinning reel is how to load the line. It does not matter what kind of line you put on, but how you put it on is the most important thing you can do. If you make the mistake of allowing the supply spool to turn, you will twist the line beyond repair causing knots in the line as you cast. You want to keep the spool that the line is coming off stationary the line should come off the spool in large loops. The best way to do this is fill a 5-gallon bucket with water and drop the spool of line in the water. The pressure from the water will keep the spool stationary enough as you put the line on the reel. If you do use braid put at least a couple yards of monofilament under the braid, as braid starts to age it has the tendency to expand and lose its grip on the reel, by putting the mono you keep the grip on the reel and don’t end up with 150+ yards of useless line.

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