The Fish Grip

Cobia on the lip grip

There are a myriad of lip gripping devices on the market to help you handle fish. Most function as the name implies by gripping the lip of the fish. America’s most popular gamefish the largemouth bass comes with a built in handle of sorts. Grip its lip with your thumb and forefinger and the bass is subdued. This works for all members of the bass family including its larger cousin the striped bass. However there are many fish that have teeth and you wouldn’t dream of lipping them. There are lots of species that you’d never want to grab by the mouth. Doing so with some will cause cuts and some you’ll lose digits too.

Many anglers are familiar with some of the grip tools like Boca, Berkley and there are others. Some of them have scales in them but I don’t find this useful in a kayak as most fish I’d like to weight are too big to do so safely in a kayak without tipping. By far my favorite grip tool is a wonderful item called The Fish Grip. It’s essentially a plastic vice grip and works the same way. It securely grips the fish by the jaw, exactly what we want and need. Add to this that it retails for less than $15 and it’s a must have item. Pick one up, you’ll be glad you did

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