Kayak Fishing

From Fishing Boat to Kayak

Gain some insight into the difference between fishing a kayak and fishing a more traditional center console fishing craft.

Sundown Sessions: Nighttime Kayak Fishing

This article by our friend Derrick is worth the read if you've seen it - and definitely worth the read if you haven't. He is a top knotch man, angler, dad, and friend.

Albacore on a Kayak

Unlike their larger brethren, blue fin tuna, they can be regularly caught from shore and kayaks. The first time I tangled with them the surf was a bit rough so I chased them up and down the Monmouth county beaches.

Why We Kayak Fish

To achieve the most in stealth a quality kayak makes the difference between a long walk and a very expensive flats boat.

Pulley System Organizes Tackle on a Kayak

Have you ever put some items in the center hatch of your kayak and when you went to retrieve them on the water you couldn’t reach them? There is a very simple solution.

Hooked on Kayaks

After a brief moment of strangeness, I noticed that the dude was sprinkling a red powder called Butt Rub on his steak. Ah, that Butt Rub! Thanks man, but I’ll stick to the salt and pepper.

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