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A friendship with Scott brings its share of surprises besides unreal snook fishing. At the funeral of a dear friend, and one of our sport's best-ever writers and story-tellers, G.B. Knowles, Scott was handing out fliers for our (then) brand new fishing web site and acting as if I was somewhere near the stratosphere of fishing that him and my partner Captain David Rieumont fly in. I asked him if he thought it was appropriate, to which he replied "GB would have loved this site, Poyssick. Trust me." Knowles had taught (and been drunk at the event) Scott's daughter to kill her first turkey, so close-friends hardly describes Moore's relationship with GB.

One of Scott Moore's great loves -- besides the waters he's known so well these many years -- is Alaska. Specifically fishing in Alaska. Scott's lodge of choice is one he's been talking about for years. We're hoping that Scott's friends at the lodge will be submitting regular (when they can fish, that is) reports and pictures of the wide range of species they catch.

Site image from the Rainbow Lodge in Bristol Bay Alaska 

According to Scott, the food is great, the people are great, and the fishing beyond your imagination. The guides provide the best fly equipment money can buy, as well as light spinning tackle for those not comfortable with the long rod.

On his latest trip Scott and the group caught Rainbow trout, Silver, Pink, and Red Salmon, Char, and Grayling. He highly-recommends the place if you're up that way. My wife and I are planning a trip to Vancouver and then Alaska for fishing this-coming spring, and a few days at the Rainbow will certainly be placed on our agenda.

The Rainbow Lodge is in Bristol Bay, Alaska.



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