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What I think's important about the trick, though, is to make sure that your fish (shrimp in this case) doesn't carry the taste of the last steak you cooked, or the next strip steak you eat doesn't taste slightly like grouper. To avoid that, try the CrackerFood Grill Cleaning Method (CFGCM. We're trying acronyms at TOF so we can get a $22 million grant to recover that old grill we're using).

  • Get the grill white hot
  • Get the biggest potato you have in the house and cut it in half
  • Stick it with a grill fork (use your hand if you're brave) and rub the grill hard with the potato. The starch seals the grill and cleans it better than any method I've tried. Repeat with the other half, or cut the end of the dirty one, slice them thick, and grill them.
  • Take two dozen (or more -- depends on how many people you're feeding) shrimp. I used 21-25 count. If they're any smaller, use a skewer to keep them from falling into the coals.
  • Melt butter and mix with Worsteshire sauce. The taste of the butter and worstershire is a simple recipe, but will surprise you.
  • Baste the shrimp in a small bowl with the melted butter and Worsteshire.
  • Grill till they're solid and serve hot. Mixing scallops into the grill works well, and adds another texture to dinner.


Captain Scott Moore

Thanks to Captain Scott for his wonderful and simple recipes. You'll be seeing them on a regular basis.


shrimp on the grill  . going to tell your readers . big grilling secretes    you are al ways grilling meat on the grill and fish to. so if you do this your meat wont taste like fish and your fish taste like meat  get your grill white hot.  get the biggest  potato and rub it on the grill the starch will seal the grill it works don't burn your self use a grill fork . now back to grilled shrimp I like to use 21-25 count shrimp . smaller shrimp just use a skewer  .   melt some butter  mix  in worcestershare sauce  bast shrimp with it and grill . easy one  good with scallops to


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