The Wild-and-Crazy Asian Carp

The ubiquitous Asian Carp has been causing trouble in American rivers and lakes since their arrival in this country in the mid-80s. They have practically taken over some sections of the Great Lakes. We have several species of Asian Carp here, including: Grass carp, common carp, silver carp, black carp and several others.

thumbnailCrazy flying Asian Carp.

The trouble with this invasive species are the issues that are endemic with most invasive species: Prolific breeding, which allows them to eventually crowd out native fish and eat much of the available food sources for all fish, such as plankton.

People have come up with some unique "fishing techniques" to try and keep the populations down. These include spear-fishing, bow-and-arrow, and boomerang fishing, which works incredibly well.

The family in this video encountered what could be called, "quite a few Asian Carp."
Check it out – it is wild.

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