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This Weeks Photo of the Week Winner!

Starting a web site isn't all that hard. You can go to Network Solutions or GoDaddy (or hundreds of other "hosting" companies), give them a credit card for $20-or-so, and use graphic tools free-of-charge to make yourself seen. Add to that the establishment of "Open Source" communities using programs like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, and other than needing some computer experience and a willingness to learn new things, and you can become a publisher overnight.

We started to be a one-stop resource for the fishing community, and judging by the popularity of the site, and the numbers of new visitors that find us every day, we did the right thing. We redesigned the site for a number of reasons:

Content Delivery. First and foremost on our list of reasons for creating a new site was content delivery. To reach our goal of being among the nation's leading one-stop online fishing resources, we create and find a vast amount of learning tools and content. The old design allowed only one article to be in primary position, and as soon as a new one appeared, the one already there got pushed "down" in an online stack of old(er) articles. Now we have space for four articles on the Home page, four on the Fishing Politics page (where we represent The Recreational Fishing Alliance), and four on the Florida Keys section, which will make its appearance before the holidays.

Slide show image for new site stories

The slide show on the front page, the Fishing Politics page and others allows us to deliver four main articles on more then three dynamic and interactive pages. More content means more information for you, and hopefully a better fishing web site.


Reach. The world of real-world publishing requires that you pay a great-deal of attention to something called "Algorythms". Algorythms are mathematical, logical, and conditional rules that make a web site be noticed. People fish, and this site's dedicated to improving their fishing experiences. If people know about it some measurable percentage will join our expanding community.













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