Grouper Takes Lionfish Away from Scuba Divers!

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Like a dog chasing a snack from its owner's hand, this grouper won't let the intruding scuba divers take its lunch -- a tasty little Lionfish -- home with them.

These divers are out collecting invasive Lionfish from the water, a worthy cause. Early word on the Lionfish in our waters was that it had no natural predators. Well, we have been slowly finding out that numerous other fish do eat Lionfish, as do some seabirds.

This grouper knows that immature Lionfish are a tasty treat and he goes after this one, plastic bag and all. No one knows whether the venomous barbs and poison contained therein actually affects the fish that that eats one.

But this aggressive grouper doesn't seem too worried about it.

He wanted his snack.

Thanks for the great video guys and gals!

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