Giant Trevally attacked by Barracuda
Man Flies Overboard When Massive Wave Slams Boat
Big Yellowfin Tuna on Bamboo Stick!
Girl Catches BIG Snook Inshore Fishing
Swimming with Tarpon Offshore Sarasota, Florida
Thousands of Sharks Swarm Florida Beaches
World Record Mangrove Snapper Spot
Marlin Fishing on the Flats!?!?
Marlin, much too green, goes MENTAL!!!


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Not all of us spend every minute of our time on the water. In fact, about a third of our readership spends most of their time offshore -- some so far out-of-site-of-land they're legends for doing it (read about contributor Travis Palladeno here, not to mention guides like Larry McGuire, and Captain Wade Osborne, whose offshore adventures are in their own class as well).

But if you're like us, a good set of numbers is all you might hope for, and in fact, the many artificial reefs you'll find in the state -- and (of course) on a GoogleEarth map on our website -- hold a good share of grouper, snapper, and if you know how to hunt them, Permit that will put cramps in parts of your body you forgot you had.

To see the Artificials Map we offer on, check out the Locations menu on the top left Navigation bar -- it holds the entrance to our Artificial Reef map:

You can find a map showing every artificial reef that's been built in the waters of our State under the Locations link on the left (top) Navigation bar. It's one of hundreds of pages of information available to improve your fishing adventures.

The map we use was supplied to us by the state Geographic Survey, and contains all the information you could need for offshore (and verrry nearshore) structure -- including the depth of the water, the tonnage of whatever was dropped there, exactly what makes up the reef, as well as its height off the surrounding bottom. All you need is live pinfish and you're good for the day :)



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