Are old reels worth money to collectors?

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Are old reels worth money to collectors? "

The value of antique or legacy tackle is based on a lot of factors. First, let's look at a list of the major factors, which we found on AntiqueFishingReels.com. It lists the things that serious collectors are looking for. Any of our readers can go through this list to do a quick check to see if they're sitting on something worth more than their car.

  • Reel was hand made and not mass-produced.
  • Reel was made of high quality components.
  • Reel was manufactured to precise tolerances.
  • Reel was manufactured prior to 1950.
  • Reel possesses unusual or unique features.


Hardy Perfect

There are a few antique reels that are worth considerable money. This is one is a Hardee Perfect and was on eBay for $3,000. Do a search for antique fishing reels and you wil be astonished.

The best place to sell antique stuff

Without a doubt, if you have old equipment or tackle you want to sell, the best place to do it is on eBay. Selling anything there is sort of (but not quite) like selling anything anywhere. You can overprice things and once in a while sell them. The best thing to do, however, - is to find out what they're worth on a few of the sites we've recommended and use them as the pricing guide. Come in slightly above or slightly below - or exactly at the posted market value on the big antique sites - and you will be in line and likely to sell your tackle. The more unique and rare it is, the more likely the bigger collectors are going to see it. Collectors look for the things they collect all the time.

Other places to sell antique tackle

There are other places to look for antique tackle to compare what your own antique might be worth. There are a few places. One is the Mitchell Reel Museum. The link we've provided here is their "For Sale" page, which provides links to a few different places - including eBay - where you might find the value of your reel (or decide you need another one to add to your growing collection).

Lastly - at least for this short article - try AntiqueFishingTackle.net. They're a cool site and just loaded with offerings that change on a fairly consistent basis.

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