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Do I need a Florida fishing license to fish on the beach in Florida?

Dear Captain "
Do I need a Florida fishing license to fish on the beach in Florida? "

Mr. Sztorc,

You do need a shoreline license if you are fishing from shore. The license is free, but you still have to have it. You can obtain it at any Tax Collectors Office, most bait shops, most Walmarts or online at If you order it online they do charge a convenience fee of just a couple dollars. You could also call this number to obtain it: 1-888-347-4356.

If you're planning on fishing for a long time, you may want to purchase a lifetime license or a 5 year license.


If you want some of the other permits or stamps like lobster, tarpon etc., you would have to pay for them individually as add-ons to your base license.

If you are a Florida resident and 65 years of age or older you do not need the license. If you are child under 16 years of age you do not need the license. There are some other exemptions that also apply. When calling the number we provided for Florida Wildlife Commission, they can advise you of all the licenses and requirements.

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