How can I catch snook on the bottom in 10 to 15 ft of water?

Dear Captain "
How can I catch snook on the bottom in 10 to 15 ft of water? "

A few tips:

Spro White Jig

First I would keep my distance from them. Do not anchor on top of them;nchor a distance away.

Shut your sounder/fish finder OFF!!!

I would start with a Spro bucktail jig in white, depending on the tide I would use 1/2 OZ and go up in weight from there if I can't get it down to the snook. But, I would probably forget about artificial baits and use a live pigfish. I would tail hook it so it will swim down to the bottom. If the current is too strong I would add as little as weight possible to get the live bait down into the strike zone.

You can use a fish finder rig as if you were fishing for grouper. I would make sure I use at least a 7 foot piece of fluorocarbon leader. If they are hanging around some rock structure a minimum of 40lb. If I do not get any bites, I would then start chumming with live bait I have to fire them up. If they don't bite, make sure you remember the tide and moon phase, then go back on a different one. Try 2 to 3 days before and after the new and full moons. This should help. If you still can't get them to eat, they are most likely using this area to stage and not as a feeding place.

So you will have to try different times in order to find them when they are in an aggressive mood. In other words, "piss them off" to get them to attack and try to kill your bait because it is in their face. This works. Divers find tons of snook on wrecks and reefs offshore, but you rarely hear of offshore fisherman catching them. When that big weight comes down for a grouper, they will just move off the wreck. It's because they are there for another reason rather then eating. Snook are opportunists and sooner or later their predator instinct will get the best of them. If you're quiet and persistent enough, you will find the right tide and moon phase to catch them. Besides catching snook, I like to study them and if anglers only knew half of what a snook's biological instincts are, they would catch a ton more.

Ron Taylor (the State of Florida's premier snook biologist) told me once that you can dream up any fishing scenario and a snook will fit in it!!!!!!! Knowing more about the biology of the fish you're fishing for will make you ten times a better angler. This is what many anglers lack. It is not about the equipment.

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Captain David M. Rieumont

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