How can I target scaled sardines? It seems I always catch threadfins.

Dear Captain "
How can I target scaled sardines? It seems I always catch threadfins. "

Mr Cohen,

You have to chum the scaled sardines up with Purina Tropical Fish Food. That is how you net them. If you do not chum, you will consistently get threadfins.

Finding Sardines

I would actually go to the Fort Desoto Gulf Pier and anchor up (you must at all times when chumming for scaled sardines anchor up and chum). The anglers that don't anchor up get more threadfins then scaled sardines. Anchor up-tide and let your boat drift about 5 to 10 feet away between pier pilings. You can also anchor under the pier some, it is just that you will be closer to the pilings for your net to get caught or your boat to move with the wind and hit the pilings. Either way the chum will be carried down and down tide from your boat and draw the scaled sardines up and in.

Shut your sounder off (sound waves can spook the sardines). You can also drop a sabiki rig down and if you hook a scaled sardine, you will now know that they are present and should be able to chum more of them in, then throw the net.

Hopefuly, you should now be rewarded with a few hundred sardines. You also should be changing the consistency of your chum, depending on where the scaled sardines are located. Example: If they are down deep you have to make a hard tight chum ball, so it can sink faster and not break up completely before it reaches the bottom.

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