I am not having any luck with reds. Any tips?

Dear Captain "
I am not having any luck with reds on Anclote. Is there a spot better than others? "

First let me began by stating that the snook do not all move at once. It's a slow progression from the beach area, to the interior barrier islands and grass flats. They then move to the mainland shorelines and continue to head up the creeks, canals, Rivers and residential dock areas. It usually starts every year around September when the days get shorter with sunlight and the water temperatures start to drop. Obviously the snook transition and movement changes a little each year based on the water temperature and other conditions like the amount of bait hanging around. But you can bet that after the first cold front the majority or most of them have moved off the beaches. There are actually a few stragglers out on the beaches still and we are at the beginning of October. It sure would not be the place I would be looking for them though, because the majority of them are in their fall haunts. The fishy maps are being redone for the new sight design coming out in the near future, so we have been working on the new fishy maps.

When fishing for redfish around Anclote if you are with a buddy or two make sure you all are doing something different. What I mean by that is, if you're using a free lined live bait one of your buddies should be using a live bait with a split shot attached. The other friend might have his on a float/cork. I would also have somebody using a gold spoon. One of my favorite artificial baits to throw is MrWiffelure.


In Florida a great way to fish for redfish is dead sticking, which is a piece of cut bait just sitting on the bottom. The favorite baits here are cut ladyfish, mullet and pinfish. I would bet if you started chumming with your live bait or cut bait you would draw a school of redfish to you and catch a whole bunch more. I always chum with live and cut bait.. Use a chum bat and if you catch a redfish chum the area well. Really low tides are great times to look and fish for redfish, because there is so much less water. Once the tide starts moving some is then a great time to fish for them.

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