I have never caught a snook. Could you give some advice for an avid bass fisherman?

Dear Captain "
I have never caught a snook. Could you give some advice for an avid bass fisherman? "

The kayak is a perfect way to go snook fishing at Weedon Island. At the current time the snook fishing is outstanding there. The front of Weedon Island which is the east side has been a very good place to hook up with some snook. I would start working the east mangrove shoreline from north to south. Setup approx a one long cast from the mangroves and start working your lures in and out of the mangroves. Most of the snook have been caught on scaled sardines (whitebait, pilchards), so I would use a lure that looks and acts like a scaled sardine. Some of those baits are a Mirrolure Mirrodine in the XL size. The color should be either 18 or 49 (color code, both have greenbacks and white or pearl belly).

Snook Mirrodine

Another great sardine imitation is the Live Target Scaled Sardine suspending model. Both of these baits are suspending twitch baits. They will sit about 12 inches under the surface and you twitch them to give them the action. Change the cadence of your twitches until you get a hookup. The only negative about the bait is the treble hooks. If there is a lot of floating grass it will hang up on it. A big annoyance! Also if the snook are deep into the mangroves, you can not throw it deep under the roots. It will get caught up and you will lose your lure. In both these cases you should switch over to a Texas rigged soft plastic, like a Mister Twister Exude RT Slug in Baby Bass, Golden Bream. You can toss this deep into and under the mangrove trees and twitch it out with out getting hung up.

Lastly, I always like to have a Heddon Zara Spook Jr in either bone or bone silver for a topwater lure. With these three you should hook a few snook.

PS: Keep working the baits at different speeds and cadences until you get some bites. Let us know how you do and send us some photos!!

Captain David M Rieumont

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