Should I get a fly rod to catch Snook under a dock?

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Should I get a fly rod to catch Snook under a dock? "

That's a great question, and you will find that many of our readers are very avid fly anglers. Fly fishing is in a category all its own, with special rods, line, customized leaders, and lures made of feathers and string. When you are casting a fly, it is the weight of the line and not the lure that is imparting the energy to carry the lure to where your target species is hiding and waiting to strike.

Dock Snook Flyrod

The tiny baits you see the snook eating under our residential docks are, in fact, the same anchovies you find on pizza (if you are an anchovy person) and just as small. To simulate them, fly anglers often use a tiny fly tied with all white bucktail hair with a strip of dark foil on top to simulate the live fish. You can present small white flies (or any color) by using a small light torpedo shaped cork float attached about three feet above the fly. You will be casting the weight of the float and not the fly - but the weightless fly will present in almost the same way. Try casting the float lightly and try not to let it hit the water too close to where the fish are. Rely on the tide current and wind to float the float (so to speak) with the connected fly to the target. You will be amazed when a big snook eats a tiny fly - but they sure will.

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