Top Ten Lures for Peacock Bass Fishing

Dear Captain "
What are the best lures to catch Peacock Bass in the canals near Miami? - Max Sanchez "

Hi Mr Sanchez,

My all-time favorite lure for Peacock Bass is the Rapala Husky Jerk in the #08 or smaller size in assorted colors. Following that are the Heddon Zara Spook Jr in assorted colors, the Bill Lewis Rattletraps in assorted colors, the Heddon Tiny Torpedo, the Storm Chug Bug, any 1/16th to 1/4 oz bucktail jig (no longer than two and a half inches long in chartreuse or white and chartreuse), the Rebel Pop R in assorted colors, the Rapala X Rap in assorted colors, or the Strike King Rocket Shad. For a soft bait, try a DOA CAL Shad Tail in any bright colors.

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Now for some important tips: Never use a plastic Bass worm; they don't work well for Peacock Bass. The first nine lures I mentioned above are hard baits; the last one is a small soft plastic bait. Hard baits work best, but don’t use one over three inches long. Peacock Bass really like hard baits in the one to two and a half inch range. They also love bright colors, the best being fire tiger, chartreuse, yellow, perch, orange, white, and gold.

Peacock Bass also love all kinds of topwater plugs, like walk the dog topwater baits, poppers, and prop baits, all under three inches.

Regardless of what hard baits you use, if you get a strike or a blowup on the lure, do not stop working it. Keep it moving and the Peacock Bass will return and strike even more vigorously. Keep changing the speed and cadence of the lure until you get a strike. Peacock Bass are aggressive strikers, which is why they’re one of my favorite fish to catch.


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