What are the differences between mono and braided line?

Dear Captain "
What are the differences between mono and braided line? "

Hi Mr. Polhill,

I will start with the pros and cons of braided line:

Braided line pro's: There is no stretch so you get a better feel. There is also a thinner diameter which means more line on your spool and longer casts. It also lasts longer than mono.

Braided line cons: Braided line is expensive, very visible to fish, not very abrasion resistant, it tangles easier and is prone to wind knots.

Monofilament pros: Mono is cheaper in price, it's more abrasion resistant, less visible and has more stretch and forgiveness.

Monofilament cons: Less line fits on the spool since it's a lot thicker than braided line, you can't cast it as far as braided line, it deteriorates faster and it has lots of memory.

If you are using braided line make sure you have a good way to cut them. This is from Ohero and you can get them on Amazon.

Monofilament is more conducive to use for trout since they have soft mouths. Monofilament is also good to use with fish that strike at a high rate of speed like Spanish mackerel and kingfish; this is because of the forgiveness and stretch in the line. You might even consider using monofilament if the water you're fishing is always super clear.

Braided line would definitely be better to use for redfish. They have much harder mouths and hook penetration would be much better with braided line that doesn't stretch. You can also make longer casts with the braid, so it's great for sneaking up on tailing redfish.

Basically, in a nutshell, I use braid 95% of the time with a long fluorocarbon leader. I would say most inshore anglers also are using braid over mono for most of their fishing applications.

Like all fishing tackle it still comes down to personal preference.

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