What is the Best Technique When Using a D.O.A. Shrimp Around Snook Lights?

Dear Captain "
What is the best technique when using a D.O.A. Shrimp around snook lights? "

The technique that seems to be used by most anglers and is the most effective is as follows:

Pitch or cast the DOA shrimp uptide. Leaving you bail open, pull slack line off your spool feeding it to the DOA shrimp so the DOA shrimp flows naturally with the tidal current. Do not lift your rod to get slack line off your spool because this causes the DOA shrimp to move out of the normal tidal current unnaturally.

Dock Lights and DOA Shrimp

If you want to pop the shrimp, do it with a straight jerk with the slack line in your hand. Keep a close eye on your line. If it stops, jumps or moves in a different direction, you have a fish. Then close the bail reel up the slack and set the hook. When you are fishing dock lights at night, it is also important to get your bait back and under the dock at times, and with the tidal current moving swiftly. Your DOA shrimp will get caught around a piling quickly if you don't move it fast enough. So sometimes you have to position your boat on side of the dock instead of out front. You can then flip your DOA shrimp under the dock and let the tidal current take it under and all the way through to the other side without the DOA shrimp catching a dock piling.

Again same technique, keep your bail open and feed line to it. But before ever casting your DOA shrimp, pull quietly into the dock light area you're going to fish and observe where the shadow line is and where the snook are positioned. Then watch the fish to see what they doing, what mood they are in, if they are chasing bait, what bait, and make a plan on what bait you should cast and where you should place it. This alone will increase your catch rate a bunch.

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