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What Works Best When Dock Fishing?

Dear Captain "
What Works Best When Dock Fishing? "

Dock fishing our residential docks is always productive. In the summertime you will find trout, small black drum, and even tarpon in some of those waterways. Snook often show up under the lights at night and there is always a chance you can hook a beast. If you do, land them fast and release them carefully since the warm temperatures stress them quite a bit.

The best choice of bait is live shrimp. I would also buy some frozen shrimp to chop up and use as chum. I would fish the shrimp in three different areas of the water column. I would put a live shrimp on a jig-head. I would have a shrimp floating around below a cork or float. I would have shrimp free-lined. You should not be fishing the dock that you are standing on because it is very doubtful that the fish under the dock are going to hang around when you are on it.

Dock Fishing Shrimp

You should start chumming and let the chum go down-tide to the next dock or oyster bar etc. Then let your baits follow the chum down-tide. You will have to try different tides to see which one is the most productive. What I would do is find the strongest part of the tide for the day you are fishing and fish that strongest part. If the docks in that area have lights, I would definitely try fishing the dock lights. Small shrimp or tiny twitch baits and crank baits work really well at night around docks.

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Captain David M Rieumont
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