When are the best months to catch redfish in Fort Myers?

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When are the best months to catch redfish in Fort Myers? "

You can catch redfish consistently year round. Learning how to catch redfish is fairly easy. They are everywhere: oyster bars, mangroves, grass flats, docks etc... Learning and fishing the tides is certainly important but as important as that is what structure they are on during the seasons of the year. The fall is probably the best and most consistent redfish bite anywhere throughout the state. Starting around the end of August, going very strong through September and October is the time big schools gather up and on grass flats, oyster bars and are very easy to spot and locate.

Calloosahatchee River
The Caloosahatchee River from the sky near the Gulf outflow

Successfully finding redfish anywhere is being persistent. Move around different flats looking for large schools of fish. Once you find a school or two and catch a few, take some mental notes because you just discovered yourself a pattern. Anglers will tell you flats with mullet schools are the best. In my experience I have found schools of mullet and still did not find many redfish. But I will tell you a flat that is null and void with mullet usually has no redfish. Flats alive with active life of mullet and/or baitfish is a good sign.

As far as catching redfish in your area (Fort Myers): In the fall I would concentrate my red fishing in and around San Carlos Bay flats. Places like Merwin Key, Big Island, Fisherman Key and all the other little keys and islands in that area. I would even check that area now, because we have had a warm winter so far. If I did not find or catch any redfish, I would move up inside Caloosahatchee River and start fishing some mangrove shorelines, oyster bars and docks. During the winter low tides redfish will lay up in the only place that holds water, sometimes making for a phenomenal day of fishing. These very low tides will occur before and after the new and full moons.

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