Where do I fish for redfish when the wind is out of control and cold?

Dear Captain "
Where do I fish for redfish in Crystal River when the wind is out of control and it is cold weather? "

I can see from your question that you're fishing in Crystal River, a relatively undeveloped but incredibly beautiful area on our Gulf coast. It has been very windy and cold, so I will do my best to answer your question.

The best place to stay out of the wind and a place where redfish can get away from the cooler water is in the Kings Bay area. This area is up the river near US 19. Once in Kings Bay the canal system behind The Port Hotel Marina is excellent for protection and for redfish. The area near Plantation Inn Golf course is also a productive spot. Try these GPS numbers 28 52' 49 N, 82 35' 29 W and 28 53' 42 N, 82 35' 36 W. Let us know how you do.

Crystal River Redfish
Crystal River is spring-fed and has been home to indigenous Floridians for some 12,000 years - at least.

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