Where Can I Take My Grandchild Fishing Near Pasco County?

Dear Captain "
Where would you suggest I take my 6 year old grandson fishing in the Pasco, North Pinellas, South Hernando areas? "

Dear Captain "Where would you suggest I take my 6 year old grandson fishing in the Pasco, North Pinellas, South Hernando areas?"

Hi Mr. Cullen,

I would suggest Anclote Gulf Park, located at 2305 Baillies Bluff Rd., Holiday, FL 34691. (727) 942-4030. The reason I suggested this park is: it has a fishing pier, restrooms, a playground and picnic tables with shaded protection. It has a lot of fun things to offer to keep his attention. It has an accessible shoreline fishing area also, and at low tide he can walk around and have some interaction with some unique sea life creatures like fiddler crabs.


Now for the fishing. Either the shoreline or the pier will hold plenty of fish for him to catch.

Using the same rod and reel you would use for bluegill fishing and the same hook size, I would buy some frozen shrimp or squid and put a very small piece of the shrimp or squid on the tiny hook. You could use a split shot weight to get the bait to sink a little, you can also use a float to keep it off the bottom if you keep getting caught on rocks. I think you should do a little of each. He will catch a load of panfish-type species ranging from, pinfish, grunts, snapper, sheepshead, black drum, ladyfish, jack crevalle and more...

The frozen shrimp comes off a little easier then the squid. You could also use a Berkley Saltwater Gulp cut bait (comes in flat sheets). This will stay on the hook much better then the frozen baits and you can catch many fish on one little piece. You can cut it with a scissor (not a knife) into little pieces about half a finger nail size and put it on the tiny hook. This is a fish killer!!!! (meaning you'll catch a lot of fish) lol. Make sure that you seal the Berkley Gulp package closed tight or the bait will dry up and become rock hard. Also, don't put the little pieces you cutup back into the sealed package or leave them on your hook when you go home.

One last thing: take a picture of your grandson catching his first fish!!!!! It is always the best part of the day. Thank you for coming to The Online Fisherman, but mostly for being a wonderful grandfather to one lucky young boy.

Captain David M. Rieumont

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