Should I Build My Own Rods?

Dear Captain "
Which rod blank is the right one for me? "

Dear Captain "Do you think I should make my own rods? And what rod blank do I start with?"

Building your own fishing rods is an art form that many people work on for years to "perfect" and perfection is something you hope you never achieve. There are some really beautiful custom rods out there and beautiful ways to make them. Building rods is a really beautiful way to consume time - and it will consume time. Like any creative talent, be it writing a good story or building a model ship to learning how to really be good with a bow, it takes time to get good at something. Fortunately, if you want to start learning - and doing it with the best training material there is out there, go to a website called MudHole. They sell the stuff you need, and more importantly, the sell videos that will pretty much teach you what you want to know.

Us, we're old-fashioned in some ways. We have experience building our own rods and we love books and DIY projects. It's why we read books and use relatively primitive methods. We've provided a lot of our best books below.

Rod Building


If you're only catching fish that are a few pounds we would try to lighten up our tackle if possible. At times, however, conditions may dictate that you can't lighten up your tackle, such as deep water, or heavy tides and currents. The lighter the rods and tackle and lures you use, the more of a chance you'll have of actually fooling a fish. One thing we suggest is going to a well-known tackle shop and holding a few rods to get a feel for what you are looking for.

One note before we go: If you're gonna actually buy a custom rod, we would recommend a local guy who just happens to be a close friend of ours by the name of Kris Greene. Kris has been around a long time making works of art to catch fish with, and if he can do a rod for you we would strongly suggest you wait as long as he needs to make one.


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